Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You: My Shadow

Life changes.Period. Change is the only constant.

11 months have gone by. The experience has been daunting, yet in retrospect with every day she has grown stronger. The other day she told me that there are certain songs she listens that stir not her mind, but soul to pen down words. “I see you” is what I said in my heart to her. She has underestimated her potential now and then. I’ve listened and felt her through her tears and sobs. As I write these words, I wonder why magic only exists in books. Miracles happen! That’s precisely why I know her the way I do, the way she allows me to be with her even in my absence.

 And on days when I see her smile through the telephonic conversations, I feel her mellifluous voice touch the strings of this heart. Days like these are at times a rarity; on other occasions they are like the monsoon breeze, showering on me the sweetness of the wet mud. I’m looking for a word to describe her. Sigh, it’s a task! She is life! Yes! Let’s put it that way.

Today as she gets up after every fall, my belief in her gets cemented more than before.

I’ve seen the world
Done it now
Had my cake now

As she jumps happily walking besides me on the drenched road, her smile mesmerizes me, just as it always does. The frailty she gives importance to, in her tough times, seems to have evaporated in this moment, perhaps only to seep through later. For now, her happiness radiates through the moon and lights up the stars.

Today and every night, even in distance, shall be ours.

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