Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meditating high on life

It’s been a while since I have been practising meditation. Sure, its blissful but I’m here to share the fact that my definition of mediation has gone beyond the usual.

Meditation is stillness….like a lotus settled on mud water knowing nothing of what lies beneath, all it looks for is the wide blue sky where endless possibilities can be seen. It’s not that it isn’t aware of its surrounding, yet there more to life’s beauty than shortcomings.

Meditation is retrospection…..A look in the pond at times shows you not your own image, but the many imprints of the way people see you and the way you see yourself. The thoughts, feelings all come and pass by like clouds, you see the shape they form, and some clouds seem striking indeed, you pause, look at them and let them pass only to welcome some more in the mind.

Meditation is living out relationships…….Yes, its meditation too. Its hard for me to put in words, yet every moment spent caring, loving, remembering, missing, lingering or thinking about someone or for that matter the tiffs, the arguments, the silences or the lived out anger; all are nothing but meditation. It’s true it takes years to master the art of meditation, silence, calmness. It’s also true that in doing that there is a struggle involved in staying still, in being comfortable with the thoughts or the images that flash by.

One form of meditation that I came across in Gilbert’s ‘EAT.PRAY.LOVE’ was to simply sit with your eyes closed and smile. It’s a beautiful form of meditation. A smile on your face eases out all the worries automatically. However this is not to say that the troubles melt away. Yet, that smile empowers your spirit to appreciate that moment and gather the strength you need. That smile is a switch to invite all the past beautiful moments you spent with people or friends or anything that brought a smile on your face. It tells you that you alone have the power to change the course of events, to gift your self a smile that you truly deserve.
Meditation for me is that breath that you feel……either sitting quietly or walking briskly or dancing lovingly. It’s clouds and greens and all seasons together. Its petals of rose and that silky cloth. It’s thorns that prick your conscience alive. Its tears that flow as you try to keep that smile.

Meditating high on life…..


P.S.: It’s been a while here. Hope you all are doing well?? How are things at your end? Anything happening or exciting? J Looking forward when Delhi sprinkles its monsoon showers! Happy Weekend!


ArjunaUbacha said...

Meditation makes you remain focused for a longer period of time. In crunch situations it helps in controlling the mind. Whether you are an athelate or a leader in corporate world, meditation helps.

Bikram said...

hmmm well it takes a lot for meditation .. and if we can successfully do it then it does help a lot....

how are you doing , things this side have been great, I ma sure you have checked up at my blog ..

you take care and see you around


Aakriti said...

India wilds: thank u for coming has its own charm!

Bikram: Hey! I'm doing fine, thanks.Nice to hear that things re well at ur end too. Just went through ur blog as well. You were awarded recently right? not the blog award I'm talking abt.Many many congratulations!:) Yup...see you around too..

P.S.: I'm still having trouble in commenting on blogs...:|

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