Sunday, June 3, 2012

High on Dreams

High on dreams

I’m intoxicated,
Drunk to the brim,
These images I see,
They call dreams,
Oh! mistake them not for hallucinations
I’ve studied psychology,
So I know what that means,
I’m simply, delightfully high on dreams!

I cried last night like a water fountain
Knowing not where my creativity shall go
Today I smile at my innocence
For I know it has already begun to show

You see that lake in the midst of the campus
And that serene bench right under that tree
A bag full of books
Some in hand too
A diary along, giving me company
I’m happily drained and high on dreams!

Some ticked off on my chart,
Some yet to work on and complete
Vigour, brilliance entices me
My brain dances its melody
My recent past, a beloved friend
My future, I guess shall be as friendly
Oh! Yes darling, call me mad, if you wish
            But, I ‘m truly high on dreams



Kunal said...

You already know everything what I will say on this post. :-)

Go for it. Fight for it. Get it. Cherish it. Love it.

The process, the journey, the destination. Each are like a part of a pilgrimage. Every moment has to be preserved. To be rejoiced.

All the best.

Bikram said...

one needs to dream else how will one fulfill the dreams :)


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