Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where's the Light?

“Shut the curtains out!! Shut them!! Don’t you hear!! Shut them right away!!” she screamed at the top of her voice, in panic. Her face was red with blood which had rushed to her cheeks in those few seconds, beads of perspiration and breathlessness made her look so unlike her.
She basked in the darkness. Her darkness was deep and grave. Not a molecule of light should enter me, for God knows what shall follow and happen. Dare you speak of those of reluming  words and you shall be forever shunned away, not even your face shall be seen, your voice will be captured in that box, which I myself am unaware of.
But don’t leave her!? Yes, you, don’t you listen? Leave her not, for you shall be doomed with guilt until death. And then you ask me how shall you live in this darkness, in this room together with her? Well, the heart knows all answers. Beckon it and you shall find them. And then one wonders how she stays at the 25th floor for heights make her go insane too. Oh! You thought she came here by chance, well, may be, for who am I to answer all your questions?
Alone. Person-less. Light- less. Breath-less. Fear-full, dread-full, tear- full, overflowing with every possible emotion she could. Her limbic system said to itself “ Wait and watch, the next throw of the dice shall be more maddening lady!”
Could she be chained? Maybe, but her spirits could not! To outsiders, that apartment seemed creepy, noises once in a while and sudden silence lasting for days or months alone. This young lady who courageously entered her home didn’t know what to expect, all she knew was that someone in here was in need of love.
Who is an insane you tell me, I write it as ‘in-sane’, look at me in my eyes, would you like to be abandoned if you get delusional tomorrow or hallucinate conversations which only you yourself hear, no one there to believe in your story? The world would come crashing down, right? In that moment, my friend, hold my hand, I’ll light your day! I’ll listen to your stories where you get trapped or are persecuted by your very own; and if one day comes when struck by amnesia you forget who I was or was I ever near you, I shall share our pictures with you and if we don’t happen to click them at all, I shall cross my heart and believe that if not your mind, your heart still remembers me.
She sat quietly with her. The woman, her hair now dishevelled went into panic on the sight of light. “It’s okay Clair, its okay. In dark we shall be if you want to be" she said to her softly. Claire quietened down. With her eyes filled with tears she kept her head on the young lady’s shoulder. The beads finally fell onto her cheek, finding their way onto her lap.
In darkness is optimism. In darkness is light. In dark we can love, without the other knowing our ways. This darkness was hers to keep. This darkness was hers alone. And then there came this angel, in dark, to embrace as her own.
This young girl tended to Claire’s needs. For a suspicious person to even welcome one person in their life, is a ray of hope. So where was darkness now that her heart had been warmed with love?
The curtains were still never drawn even as this young lady craved for sunlight. It was gloomy inside, but not when she saw Claire’s smile in candle light. That one glitter of hope told her that one day curtains shall be drawn and her fears shall fly away. That one day was near……….

In her diary she wrote:

“Darkness beckons me, with her I walk……..
Night and day, one for me…..two souls, one day……
Dear light, miss not on her, for you are needed……
By her, by me, in those rays, which bless us,
For now……in darkness”.

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Kunal said...

If someone can find something as precious as love or light in the depths of darkness...then you know that it is going to stay forever...

Funny thing mention about amnesia...I remember telling this as an answer to a friend who asked me why I write blogs. 'To help me remember who I am' in case..i lose memory some day!..I told! :-)

But, still I can not see the depth of this mysterious story...perhaps that is not needed in the context or in the message you wanted to convey...

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