Saturday, June 2, 2012

Greatful ......yet again..

Greatful ......yet again..

It’s been a long time since I was greatful. In a quick go….
·       To my dear Sir again, who was my foundation and my sole strength for my dissertation.
·       To my darling friend Vrinda, a girl I have never met, yet met for ever. For her lovely surprise and heart warming love and wishes.
·       To my teacher from Undergrad whom I always reach back to, for good news’s which I share and for every step I walk up in the ladder of my life.
·       To my two wonderful years of Masters. The hair pulling, the tears, the cribbing, the panic attacks were all worthwhile. I proudly say today “It was a risky, but the best decision of my life”. Yup, I’m a postgraduate now!
·       To happiness: for showing me her beauty, smiles, love and sparkly eyes. Happiness is me. Me is happiness.
·       To days at park spent walking: Ah! The sites make me smile. A dad with his little daughter or two kids chasing each other or boys playing football or elderly talking to each other.
·       To meditation: For reaching to me, and making me in turn reach to my inner self.

And to my blog, for always being so loving, even as I come back to it, now, not so often.

And Maxabella...from where this tradition of greatfulness began..:)
Happy weekend!


Maxabella said...

Hello there Aakriti! It's so nice to see you!

Congratulations you made it! Well done on completing your masters. Well done. x

Aakriti said...

Thank u do much Maxabella :)

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Congratulations on your finishing your masters! I'm so very grateful for meditation too. I love that happiness is you - that's beautiful. Elisa x

Bikram said...

congrats on the post graduation..
and yes one shud be thankful always to all that have helped..
people who forget to be thankful in their success .. do fall down sometime

All the best to your in everything


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