Thursday, March 15, 2012


What’s in your nature, is in your nature and no matter what someone says to you, nature shall be the dominant force.”
Ah! What a one liner was this one, she thought to herself. She wore an invisible necklace of words. They were her, she was words. The string wrapped her body. She caressed the tresses of every sound, letter and melody they made. And they smiled, cried, giggled and laughed with her.
A friend had once told her not attach herself too quickly to people. Why, then did she?
Loyal to her core.
People had come and gone; betrayed her trust in a myriad of ways. By now she had a sense in which all ways trust could be broken. Yet she flew like a free bird with the sky as her own garden where the other birds were people she had forever known.
She remembered saying once to herself that relationships attracted her, knowing about them more so. Yet, some  many relationships had gone awry, were disturbing and it was almost as if she bothered yet didn’t wish to bother.
It’s an adventure knowing strangers. Known ones are often taken granted for. You scratch, you shout, you lacerate their heart, and knowing that they are there makes the initial charm fade away. It’s the strangers who are threatening and exciting. Knowing that they can love,question, fight, shout, hate and most importantly leave that kills every part of you.
She left. He left. He left. He left. She didn’t talk. She met, then didn’t respond……So?
Life goes on, right?
Oh Yes it does!
What about memories?
Yes, they last.
Which songs? Where did that come from?
They make you miss them?
Ha! Nooope! After a while time heals, and you are up and about again!;)
Ahan? Really?
You bet!
The voice faded, something triggered. Questions, questions and some more……..
A-tach-ment, she said the word aloud, looked away. The wall was clean. Silence.
And then she heard the chime, it sounded melodious. The friendships. A-tach-ment.

There was no-thing to lose,
They were the ones to lose,
She knew what she gave,
Did they?
Times spent laughing and knowing
That li’l bit of few,
I know….just that bit of you!


Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

"I am what I am and that is all I am"- Your opening lines remind me of this aphorism. Also, the concluding line have depth, meaning, and they touched me at a really personal level. Great post, yet again!

Kinara :) said...

Nicely expressed:)
Loved it:)<3

sumukh bansal said...

every known one was once stranger.
the beauty lies with this strangeness.
mysterious strangers....

liked you style..

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