Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Woo or not to Woo?;)

"You don't really need to woo a man of ur dreams.. For if at all he is 'the' man of your dreams, he has already been wooed" she penned down in her journal.

A younger friend of hers who was going through a desperation syndrome wanted to be in a relationship with a guy. When asked what actually did she wanted, she would reply " I just want a guy to hug, to hold onto when  I' m sad but not any  jhanjhat or jhamela of the usual relationships, I want an open relationship" .
Her friend’s words seemed unusual to her, for she found it completely absurd as she had been dreaming of that one guy since the age DDLJ released and told her what a guy of values was and is!
Saria never understood what Verandah wanted, and one day after V told her that she was heartbroken, she in her angry tone told her and rather shared her thoughts as well.
" I don’t understand, you hardly get to know a guy, spend some time and then you call yourself heartbroken? You are such a despo V!! There is no use of me telling you things. My idea of being in a relationship is very different from yours."
V replied "Nahi re, some day your words will impact and may bring a change". At this Saria sighed in hope.

In one of the conversations they had, V had excitedly told her that there was this senior of hers she liked in the college and she really  'wanted' him, so she was leaving no stone unturned to woo him. Oh! Dear V, her voice all bubbling with chirpiness and singing a music of its own. Saria smiled as V went on phone.
"V, I really don't have an idea about such things, so..."

And then one day, yes one fine day Saria happened to meet a guy. Ever since she met him, her thoughts inevitably every 'single' day would drift towards him. That day she heard herself speaking "I really want this guy, I feel as if he is the one".
A sweet excitement bubbled up inside her heart as she played and re- played her meeting with that guy. But she didn't really know what to do next. Yes she would text him, and talk to him too. They had fun talks as she called them, and she felt she had a lot of scope to talk about a lot of things to him. She called V up after long.
" Saria yaar where have you been, you don't look good when you are all sad, you are not much on FB these days, and then you just disappear from FB?"

"Oh! So I see people do notice? Another friend of mine told me too. I've been doing fine".
" Of course!! One like gets reduced if you are not there" said V in her musical chuckle.
“Acha V, I wanted to tell you something".
" Bolna, such things should be said at first go, why take so long?" said V excitingly.
" You remember the guy I met, right, ever since that day I’ve been thinking about him. We've had nice talks as well, and he, thankfully, isn’t one if the weirdos I've befriended before".
Saria wanted to talk, but as usual V couldn't hear her properly. And whenever Saria would say "You idiot, do I look like a fool to you calling you on STD only to hear you say you cannot hear me!" then V would cutely reply " I can hear you, but not so clearly, but when you say Oh! God or Uff, then I can clearly hear you!"

Well, they couldn't complete their after- long convo that day, but Saria thought about ‘wanting’ this guy, about having patience, about the do's and don'ts her bestie had told her, she also thought about wooing, but that day with the words in her journal she told herself, if he had to be, he would know it too and this time she would let time and hope both do their work too.


JJ said...

I just love stories left open at the end. Perfect stories are more a myth than reality. :)

Cяystal said...

Sometimes I think I should get down on a serious search and find myself a guy and then again, it makes no sense. xP There aint any sensible guys.

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