Friday, January 20, 2012

Greatful for: A Platter Full of Music

I’m glad today for having watched the most musically touching movie ever….presenting August Rush.

Ah! It’s more than a rush. It’s not an adrenalin rush. It’s a rush of the soul, for the soul.
It’s not love, it’s passion for the notes of the music. For as the kid who plays August Rush in the movie says to the question “Do you like music?”  And he replays politely “More than food”.
Café’ Coffee Day tells us “A lot can happen over a cup of Coffee” and well, this movie tells us “Music alone has the power to bring people together”.
For a person who loves instrumental, the charms of an acoustic guitar, the beat of a violin, the accent of Irish men, the beauty of a fast symphony, and yeah served to you with dollops of the subtle romance too, not clichéd , but musically sound~ this is the movie for youJ
It makes you fall in love~ again, with one thing in this world, and thank great musicians for that….Yes it’s MUSICJ

Want a piece of it….here you go…..listen to it and temme how you find?:)

Want some more….well for that….Just watch the movie my Vanilla People…
And I bet you’ll live again to love……MUSIC!

Have a violony day!

PS: Thank you Mudasir for recommending this one;)

PPS: Thank you Maxabella for forever making the world an easier place to live in:) Hop over t her place to feel not grateful..but greatful:)


Hariharan Valady said...

I have seen the movie. It's a treat. The piece that you have added....excellent...

phatichar said...'s a good movie. In case music moves you (it moves me for sure), you must watch 'Mr. Holland's Opus'; brings tears to one's eyes. It's a much older movie - so I don't know if you're gonna be able to rent it/buy it at your local video store/library..

maybe you can download it? But watch it, you must. :)


Amit Charles said...

Watched this movie long back. And it's indeed an awesome one.

keep it goin;)

PS: Hope you've listened to Andy Mckee

Maxabella said...

That's it, I can ignore the reviews and fans no longer. I am going to see this film as soon as possible!!! x

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