Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like the Calm of an Ocean


As my winter break comes to an end, I remember these days spent lazing around, out in the sun on a charpoy basking in the winter sun and soaking myself in the sun light until I slept in the warm sun. Then there were days, when I would AS USUAL without taking bath, prepare a nice breakfast for myself, with the whole house to myself again, I would eat every bite in the company of my sun!
Today, perhaps being the last day of my vacation I sit in a warm blanket sipping my mug of Green tea.
And I feel the bitter pills are swallowed by us only to make the days of future taste more sweeter than usual!  
I did panic in these hols for a while as I was SUPPOSED to do my literature review of my dissertation in this vacation. But what is SUPPOSED, remains supposed!!;)
I met a wonderful young lady at one of the International Conferences I attended during my hols. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford. It was so inspiring to meet her! The best thing was seeing her appreciate my university system, I realized it actually emulated the University of Oxford.
I felt great! It’s inspiring to meet people who are into research and doing well. It’s even more inspiring coz they help me realise that my DREAMS CAN BE FULFILLED!
And then this Bangalore trip happened out of the blue. Have to say, these days felt sweeter, sweeter than honey. They were not tasted, they were FELT!
The dosas, the thick coconut chutney, the sweet sambhar, the fresh pulpy orange juice, the colourful flowers, the cool breeze- all made me fall in love with the city. The daily route to go to a part of Bangalore to attend a course made me feel as if I was there to stay!  I JUST DIDN’T feel like coming back.
But yes I’m back. Back to my city to enjoy the chilly winters, where every season gets its share and time to hang around and show its magic!
Starting tomorrow begins my last semester for my Masters! Four rigorous months and then I’ll be a Post Graduate:P
Wishing you lovely 11 months ahead!:)


PS: For those of you who are working, you may be thinking how lucky I’m to have winter break, that which is longer than what school kids get here in Delhi:P

PPS: I truly deserved this break, and trust me you yourself can create your lovely breaks when the situation reaches a BURN OUT phase!

Songs on my playlist since last night:
·        Hai apna dil toh aawara na jane kis pe ayega
·        Abhi na jao chod kar ki dil abhi bhara nahi
·        Jeewan ke safar mein rahi milte hain bichar jane ko


Cяystal said...

Okay the songs had me so terribly glued in memories that I forgot to read the post. Haha :D But seriously, they're so alive ..
Happy 2012 btw.
And some people and our meetings with them, even small, are so cherish able. Its amazing!

Aakriti said...

Yes Crysty..that's true:) These old songs are so heavenly, more so, pure at heart sans any mixing and dhinchakigiri...and I agree to what u say:)

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