Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Capturing the Chooda chadana ceremony in Punjabi girl wedding
Credits: The Wedding Travellers
Hola Vanilla People!! Hope you all are doing well? There are always some reasons to find out that hidden smiles: in the shine of the rays, in the glitter of a dew, in the chirp of a bird, or in the sky’s hueJ
Today’s Brunch  Magazine had a beautiful surprise for me, for one of its articles by Veenu Singh talked about wedding photographyJ
Yes, there is a wedding in my family this week and as much as it is exciting, I think about the pictures which cameramen take. Just yesterday, when I was merrily eating the pasta at the Sagan Ceremony, this photographer right there clicked me biting into my pasta!! Uggh!! And so I got up only to move over to a place next to my bro, away from the photographer’s camera.
Ever since I started my blog, I fell upon one of the most gorgeous blogs ever, and though Aria no more posts any wedding pictures, it’s a treat for me to go back to her blog, every now and then, just to feel the emotions she has captured either of the couple or of the wedding ceremony.
Honestly, as much as I like posing for pictures, I feel there is no natural beauty in them. They are fake! Poor bride, gets tired of looking happy or smiling her teeth wide to constant comments “Madam! Thoda bright smile, nahi nahi, maza nahi aya!! Acha sa ek smile?!” And there she goes with her hand in her fiancĂ©’s hand and nothing but a fake smile.  Look at these, what do they say?:)

Credits: Sandeep

Credits: Natalie Norton

Pardeh mein rehne do!;)

My favorite:
Credits: Nikhil Joseph, chkout this album of his
I love candid moments. One which have their own story to tell. You know those are the real pictures, one which contain a myriad of mixed emotions, happy-sad, sweet-sad, sweet- salty, and wedding I feel is a perfect occasion to capture them all.
I found my cousin bro’s eyes red yesterday. I knew he would have shed a few tears, for his sister was getting married. I also know, had I asked him why his eyes were red, he would have told me “Perhaps coz of my lenses, Aadat nahi haina pehnne ki!” .
And if only a good photographer ( not from the studio who clicks pictures of people eating, sitting, standing, of the menu and all the vella stuff) would have been there, perhaps s/he would have done justice to the felt feelings, teary laughters and gleaming smiles!
I sure am gonna have a wedding capturer at my wedding!:)
That’s a different thing if my mum dad wants one who goes around capturing vella moments…Whatever!!:)

PS: I learnt from a blogger long time back, that it's important to give credits, and to pictures clicked, more so:) AnD sO I DiD

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Amit Charles said...

Awesome post :)

I so well relate to it now as I'm looking out for one such Photographer :)

keep it goin;)

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