Saturday, January 14, 2012

Punjabiyaan Di Shaan Vakhri……???!!

Sasrikaal ji….Ki haal chaal??
Oh! Before you guys think this post is gonna publicise how greeeeeat are Punjabis a.k.a Punjus, this is quite the contrary one.
Now I don’t care I’m a Punjabi and writing this post. But somehow I feel deeply that I OUGHT and SHOULD be writing this one.
Having lived in Delhi all this while, I’m accustomed to seeing the Show-shah- giri which people wear here. L Sigh…….too much too infinity much!
I remember visiting my mum’s distant cousin, a Punjabi who got married to a Marathi. She told us how simple their weddings were. One kilogram sweet on marriage, a few dishes and you’re done! Now that’s what we call simplicity. I think the same goes for the South as well, EXCEPT for Kerala:p where you have GOLD dropping from heavens like snowflakes. In short you have GOLDY weddings there. Thank goodness it’s not up here. But here the aunties/ mother-in- laws/ all the females of the world see aankhein faad faad ke what diamond set are the girl’s side gifting, what they are giving to this, to him, to her and blah blah….NO END to the story…
I recently attended my first cousin’s marriage in November, and sadly….yes you heard me right, sadly I have one more to attend in Jan:/ Shopping is good, it’s fun too only when you DON’T have to shop for a wedding that too from the ‘same side’( I mean paternal side, coz I CAN’T  repeat the clothes I wore recently( Ha! I WILL repeat! As if I care).
Everywhere I see blingy clothes. Jatack Patack. That sales man tells me “Madam isse simple lehenga nahi milega. Yeh sabse light work hai shop mein” And the cost…Bloody 10 grands!
Sigh….Finally I managed to find a sophisticated suit. Now I tell you, I can’t wear a sari, as much as I find it graceful and lovely…Wanna hear a Punjabi reason?? My parents tell me that I’ll start looking too lady- like if I wear one and then people will start eying me for marriage! Now this is the least on my mind when I wish to wear a sari, but hey! How more years to go before I actually start looking like a lady?:P I thought I already was a young one??
People here don’t buy stuff for themselves; they buy stuff to show others, their neighbours, their relatives. Ugggh! It’s sickening. Simplicity is a word that they perhaps DON’T have in their dictionary. Thankfully, my mum isn’t too finicky about jatack patack clothing coz we eventually settle for elegant attires. But in my extended family! Hai Rabba!....Main ki dasaanI ? No, no I don’t mean all of them wear flashy clothes! Phew…
All the jhamelas and jhanjhats I tell you! When one of my cousin was getting married my Bhua ( dad’s sister) actually showed her huge suitcase to us and the suits and sarees she was taking to her new home! This came as a shock to me as I thought “Isn’t this supposed to be a private affair?” Apparently “NO”. Why if you ask? Coz my mom told me it’s done to take everyone’s approval at the same time tells them “this is what we are giving to our daughter”! Uff!!....Ok now tell me, logically please? By rules of society  NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE will tell her this is not good and that is good? Kyun bhai, rishte thodi na bigaadne hain! Secondly, we don’t want to see what you are giving your daughter! ( Ok! May be the other aunties want to see, but why am I being dragged to this?)
We Punjabis are FOOOOODIES, fun loving, cheerful, bubbly, outspoken, show- offs, and what not? Please enlighten me on the stereotype?? Some one?
But as much as I love being a Punjabi, I hate how relatives speak up things as if they had the RIGHT to, it’s hard to keep things personal! Why?
:/ Dowry! I hate. Show-shah- giri. I bIIIg time hate.
Have A Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka and Butter Chicken wala SUN- DAY!;)

PS: It’s hard to convince your parents to stop thinking of a GRAND wedding plan for you, more so when you are a daughter and that too a Punjabi one!
PPS: I ‘m door door tak not getting married.
PPPS: I curse society for making all the vella norms!!
PPPPS: I have got a permission to marry a non- punju guy…so wohoo for that!;)* conditions apply!

NOTE: I hope you know we punjabis like exaggerating things too...but I'm not doing much of that here. And yeah. NO generalizations to the above matter pahleez! Shukriya!


Deepak Karthik said...

its 12:30 and this post made me hungry.. i curse you Lol :P

cosmic_wanderer said...

Some of my Best Friends are Punjabis, So I can definitely vouch for the Show-Shaa..

One of my friends lives in "Punjabi Colony" , which is a whole street, where every house is occupied by a Punjabi Family.

It's like a Mini Punjab :) ..

And there, the Show-Shaa is at it's peak.
If one family buys a new car. All the rest would too.

If one of them get an AC, You would see one in every house's window.

The Heights was when one Family got a Cow.. Yes.. As Expected, After a few weeks, every house had their own Natural Milk Producing Factory.

Having been lived in Kerala for almost 3 years now and having attended many weddings, I can tell you that , The Kerala weddings, are quite simple actually .

Ignore the Gold Part, Other then that, You wouldnt see a simpler wedding ceremony,
Within half an Hour the wedding would be over,
(Compare that to a Bong wedding of hours and hours Pheww...)
Extremely Simple Lunch. (Some of us have more luxurious food everyday in our homes ;-) )

If it's a dinner party, Guests are expected to arrive by 7 and leave by 8, Max 8:30.

After that you wouldnt even get any food.
Just last night I didnt get anything to eat at a wedding as I arrived there at 8:40, and the caterers were all winding up.

Imagine that in North or Central India, Party over by 8:30, Hell no one arrives before 9:30 :D

And now I need to go in Search of Tandooris and Tikkas in Kerala.. Grrrr.....


Rahul said...

:-) I declare this post LOLarious!!!:-) So Aakriti brings on her sense of humor....with awesome results,I must say!!!!

Bikram said...

Sat Sri akal to you tooo .. and yes punjabiyaan di shaan wakhri...

and foooooooooooddd oh yessssssss , sadly yes true in todays world the shosha-giri is at its highest but forget about that .. Enjoy the wedding and all that foooood .. :) chicken tikka . tandoori and what not .. yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Kunal said...

That is the way it works..isn't it?
It doesn't matter what we think of ourselves...what matters more is what others think of yourselves...we have to do think to show please others....some of the things, I say, are true for other cultures as well.. :-)

Enjoy the weddings...and take care...ok? is still winter.. ;)

phatichar said...

Even your rant sounded like Bhangra.. :P

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