Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plain talk

I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of writing. I won’t say ‘God Forbid not’ coz well God has nothing to do with it, it’s ME right? My mind that ways always has something or the other to think or to ponder upon.
So like the other day I was talking to my friend and sharing with him, that I wonder if guys who are photographers ever attend to their wives or girlfriends when they are on a trip, coz according to my imagination, they’ll be busy capturing this moment….and oh! how can I miss that!!??:D:P…
And then he tells me “ Tu kitna sochti hai!” :D…Yes, I do!

Today I’ll just share and in fact ask, doesn’t it feels great when people whom you were mere strangers with become nice friends and then they are all whom you begin to think about in a course of little time?
I have often found myself smiling at maids ( a gesture of greeting)  who work at any of my relative’s home. And when I do that I wonder how often do they get warm smiles that which says nothing but simply greets them?
Then there are those little gestures which friends do for you. For me, even remembering about me or thinking about me makes me feel gratuitous towards that person. It shows that you were not merely on a person’s mind, but there was something sweet happening in between in the form of memories or a smile, that made the person think about youJ
So when my friend of all the people around her calls ME and tells me “ Akhi, tujhse toh aaj baat karni hi thi” it feels goodJ
And then the most subtle, yet evident thing which makes me smile are the beauties and the gifts of nature. The sun rays peeking through the clouds or leaves, a cute squirrel hopping around here and there, an ant walking its own way, suddenly getting obstructed by my finger as I play with him/ her, only to be freed soon, a huge peepal tree and its massive presence enough to give me shelter and just sit under it with a fab book in my hands and my sun making me feel warm.

Yes ! I’M A SUN LOVER! But more so, a WINTER SUN lover! I stop caring and acting like girls who says “ Oh! dhoop, I’ll get tanned and blah blah”. Winter Sun exudes warmth, love, in its shining tingling magical rays:D

So tell me what you think or do my words set you thinking something??

Stay Blessed
May the Sun shine on your dreams!
And may the night’s romantic moon soothe your sleepJ


PS: I made Chinese style vegetables with chicken nuggets today. Experimented something after looooong! And of course it was yum!;) For those of you who are vegetarians I think this recipe can work well with potato wedges too;) Will share it soon.


Rahul said...

ahhh...a beautiful post..:-)

Aakriti said...

Dude...beautiful sheautiful...all fine...but are they all the thoughts you had when u read this?:P
PS: thanks:)

Unknown said...

Chicken nuggets!!! yumm... Aap kitna sochte ho :D

Kunal said...

The pleasure which the warmth of the winter sun gives is to mildly put unparalleled. I remember many morning during my board exams, when I went on the roof with a book and copy and a firm determination tucked somewhere...that I will read today in the morning sun...but invariably falling sleep after barely half an hour...with pen loosely clutched in my fingers and a open book in front of me.. :P

I was lucky to have lived both in Noida and Delhi(for brief periods of time) in houses..which had either a big balcony or an expansive roof..and plenty of sunshine... :-)

And..oh..I didn't talk about photography...well..lets leave it will become a separate post in itself.. :D

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

beautiful post....i love the winter sun's so rare in Delhi

Aakriti said...

Kumar: haha;)

Sub: Great to see you after long...glad y liked it 8)

Kunal: lol...:P blog posts for ur blog:P haha. thnks for sharing

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