Wednesday, January 18, 2012


                                         -Not as easy as you think!

For those of us who write may be, by now, expression and the art of expressing is not something we very closely reflect on. ( or some of you, like me have thought about it?)
This time via me and myself I stepped onto something, which I’m glad, I did.
You know as much as this life of ours is intriguing and mysterious, so are the people whom we come across in our lives. Lets leave aside those whom we just know on a single basis (like through mails/ chats/ as bloggers) for in reality a lot gets revealed! People are very mysterious beings, and this for me is as inviting as it is repulsive.
And here I come upon people, mostly who don’t talk much in their life! Reserved people are very intelligent! Yes, that’s what I feel. You may think that they don’t express much and don’t even talk, but they have ideas bursting in their minds!
NO, I’m not trying to picture them darkly, but I feel that’s true. Gibran’s words as always speak beautifully:
“You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts”.
I just feel, at the same time, and think, if people who express and express decently well, whether in spoken or in written words, ever feel lack of expression coming at their end?
In simpler words, do they miss people around them not expressing? Not sharing with them what they think about them or even feel?
As much as this world is filled with writers, it is also filled with readers. So in a way we can perhaps talk about a balance. Yes writers also read. And those who read if they write? Not true always.
But where do the expressions go when they are not shared? When they are not told?
Yes, there are art forms other than writing like singing, painting, dancing. But it only takes a true appreciator of that art form to acknowledge that, so to understand that language one needs to know that language too!
How does silence works in their life?
Sure, love can understand through silence as well, but you don’t actually love everyone that way, that they can interpret your silence?
I’ll end with these words…….

Now that I know you won’t say,
Now that I know you’ll keep it,
In your keepsake,
I’ll create a cocoon of my own,
Where all my thoughts shall reside…….


Rahul said...

LOved the post.:-) Very thought-provoking.Loved it...:-D

Sagittarian said...

Hi, this is true, I agree with all what is written here. Not all people we knew from here can be true to you or to their word. Not all people who writes, truly writes their own thoughts, sometimes they just copied it to other peoples thought, right? And not all who read and appreciate what they read really appreciate the work or the piece,. But for me, it's how true you are to yourself counts. It's how you shared your word or expression in the best of you or the worst of you, whether they like it or not, it's your own expression..:) Oh, sorry if I wrote too long, .) Thanks for this post.. Very provoking.:) Smile..:)

phatichar said...

Brilliantly put.

JJ said...

Visiting your blog for the first time. This post is really good. But what i feel is that even silence is a way of expression and if you can read through that reserved silence then possibly you can get to know the person in a lot better manner.

Kunal said...

If everyone speaks at the same time, then no one is there to hear..right? Even if the words spoken are words of wisdom, what one hears is nothing but noise. So, everyone has their own way of expressing and some express by not expressing anything.. (Contradiction..I know :P)

The important thing is to be honest to yourself every time. Expressions do not go anywhere when they are not shared or not told. They are still there. Waiting. When the light will shine, they will be revealed. But they will not die in the dark. They may be hidden to the outside world, but they are neither lost nor forgotten.

And how will creating a cocoon help? Sometimes, it may be know..

Best wishes. :-)

Bikram said...

well well well I have had a wondeful sickening sad experience in the last two days over the blogosphere, which has changed a bit of my mind over what people say and think.

Its quiet strange that sometimes the people who you think are true and honest are the worst lot and all that ... I found out that there are some whom I dont know, at all , never talked or visited their blog, or They came to my blog , dont even know if they are a female or a male , have said some very crude words about me ..

such people exist can you believe that so honesty is a big word, so all that people say and write cant be taken to be true ..


Aakriti said...

Bikram: Its quite interesting what I had in my mind when I wrote this prose, and the way ppl took it to be.
Well, I can understand. Its indeed sad when people use such precious things as words and create a facade in a world so profound and filled with writers, those who express their true thoughts.

Dark people shall always be present in the purest of worlds, but we can show some kindness, for we know who we are and who they are!

Moderation then harms no one I think

Aakriti said...

JJ: Thank u for coming by.Sure silence has a lot ot be understood for it carries its own value and depth, but that needs time. Here my primary concern was about the expressions of those who dont share much, if they at all get lost?

Aakriti said...

Rahul and Phatichar: Thank u

Sagittarian: Oh! I didn't really mean to indicate the "realities" of the bloggers out there! But I understand what u wish to say.
I think this post has been interpreted in a totally different way. There are people, introverts, whom I think of. But it's fine, I wonder how my post got interpreted in different direction..

Aakriti said...

Kunal: Thank u for ur thoughts. gives u space to breathe as well, a caterpillar isn't dying in, u see? Also...I meant a cocoon ( a temporary shelter, not a wall, my friend.)

Kunal said...

exactly... a cocoon is for caterpillars....and not for humans... :-)

But, as you said, as a temporary shelter, a change of air and a change of scenery would do no harm... :P

Take care.
And I can think, why did this post has been taken in a different way than you intended...but its alright...these are all different versions of the same thing.. :)

A butterfly has different colors...but at the end of the day it is a butterfly! And it is beautiful! :D

JJ said...

@Aakriti- I respect your concern but dont you think you are assuming that those who dont share much will get lost some way down the line? I had came across a quote in one of my readings that said "Silence is also a form of speech". It is recognized by law also.
I myself go into shell at times and am completely an extrovert at other times. But the times when i am introvert i have never felt lost. Sometimes you need to not speak much and still convey everything. And believe me it does not take that much time to understand this silence if you see that person properly. People convey through a lot of means except speech (like gestures, facial expressions, modulations in their voice, by their posture etc). Speech is just a part of our communication technique.
Just sharing my thought :)

Aakriti said...

Hmm JJ ..I appreciate u cuming bk and speaking ur mind out. And trust me i agree with every word u shared. And i feel the same way too. Of course in silence as much as one loses oneself, one finds oneself too:) let me just put it this way: understanding introverts isn't an easy task. They hv somehow always intrigued me. Maybe u can understand my thoughts better if u go thru this post of mine titled ' I understand you' written in December:)

JJ said...

@Aakriti- That was indeed a treat. And you know if you can get to know an introvert properly and be compassionate to him/her that person will start sharing all the thoughts unconditionally. And it is a wonderful to see when introverts speak up. Another quote here "You speak only when you feel that your words are better than your silence". :)
Even i have started writing a blog. Have written some short stories till now. Do check them out at
I want you to go through the story titled "Santa, Can I meet you?
You will get to know how i express the characters in my stories. :)

JJ said...

@Aakriti- I have written a story on an introvert. You might find it interesting. It is titled The Silent Lover. :)

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