Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wallpaper Love:)

Wallpaper Love

Hello the Vanilla the peoples;) …hope u are germ free, stress- free and are emitting and radiating all the positive radiations that ur beautiful and blissful life could give out!! If not…then worry not!!
When You are HERE (on my blog) have NO fear!!:)
So…I just have this lovely wallpaper from the movie UP on my desktop, I simply love it.
·       I love the girl’s green eyes, which beautifully combine with the deep blue of the boy.
·       I love the way she points at a shape in the clouds ( this is what I imagine her doing) and the boy smilingly looks at the shape perhaps thinking “I’m so glad to have her in life, I can hear her talking all my life”
·       And look at the way the boy’s hand rests on his stomach, to me its a symbol of contentment, that which one could only get on finding a ‘true love’.
·       This movie made me cry like anything. It was commendable to see the way these animated characters had ‘LIFE’ in them. I cried, and felt for the love he had for his wife, to make her dream come true.
·       And for those of you, who still haven’t watched it, do watch UP, because it not only tells us what love is about, it also tells us about determination, about how pure can true bonds be, and the best thing – well ITS JUST WORTH WATCHINGJ
·       Sure, there is a reason for me to have this as my desktop wallpaper, it makes me feel loved, and live with that belief that I’d lie on a mat with my life partner one fine day, on a winter sunny day!:)
This life is gorgeous, praise it even in IllnessJ


PS: Song on my playlist: Kitni der tak from Delhi Heights...simply love it:) ah! 
Kitni der tak,
Kitni der tak,
Aaj Shaam ya saver tak?
Udon baad main tur jana,
Rowanga main baike door kisi kone which,
Mur ke ni geet maain gana,
Udonn baad tu tur jana..............~~~~~ 


Suree said...

Hi.I have seen this movie and it touched my heart too.I figured its all about true love.True love is when you see extraordinary in ordinary people , they might not be special to everyone but to you they are the special ones who god created and sent for you.You make them realize how special they are every moment,the potential they got to influence lives.You see in them what people choose to ignore,their talent, their skills.You help them realize their dreams and if they cant, like she could not in this superb movie , you go to the end of world and live their dream for them. :) I am going it to watch it again i guess :) LOvely post :)

Unknown said...

I like the way you explained your take on the wallpaper. Watching this movie was awesome seriously.

Cute Post!

Love, Risha :)

Unknown said...

I like you blog. It has this amazing touch that words usually have on thoughts.

Aakriti said...

Dear Mike...Thank you so much for coming over and liking my blog:) Hope to see you around much more.Love ur cute dp from Madagascar;) Lovely Movie!
Best Wishes

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