Friday, August 26, 2011

Orgasmically Divine

Orgasmically Divine

cpoyright: Aman 

It’s about finding that one connect,
That enlivens the soul in ‘you’.
It’s about finding that link,
Which enmeshes into ‘you’.
It’s about coming together,
With all the differences that entail
It’s about that one moment,
Where you are gifted death, then life
It’s when you realize the purpose,
To live is, in and not in ‘you’
It’s when you say, speak or write,
But the moment needs to be felt..

It’s life giving,
Life embracing,
Life empowering.

A moment where the black hole entices you to live the ‘star’ have been and embrace the beauty that darkness is
And when you do
It is orgasmically divine!
Copyright: Aman

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Beautiful post :)

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