Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where are 'You'?


Where are ‘You’?
As I struggle here in the air of my life,
To breathe that which is not mine,
I look for you,
And in many a faces, I have met,
Looked some, talked some, some I forget,
Tell me, where are ‘You’?

As I walk through my path, all alone,
With thorns that prick my bare feet,
I run in the tunnels, to find that me,
Yet I search for thee,
Where are ‘You’?

In moments when I wish to sit,
In a hug so warm, soft and deep,
And escape my life’s drudgery,
I look, but can’t see you,
Where are ‘You’?

As I look and have been looking a while,
For ‘you’ unknown,
Away how many miles?
I sit and wonder,
In my beautiful shade,
May you just find it one fine day…
And then I’ll know…..
Who are ‘You’!

PS: the pic u see above has been taken by my Vietnamese friend, whose pictures I really admire..


Rachit said...

where to begin and then ending at who, it would have taken long.

Weakest LINK

Aakriti said...

Heya Rachit....well life is interesting u know...while writing 'where' and 'who' might seem close enough...but they are still quite away....distant rather..thnks for reading:)

shruti said...

a bliss!! :)

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