Monday, July 25, 2011


“There are times when silence has the loudest voice.”
~~-~Leroy Browlow

Seems like these days the best that can happen to me is give me a quote and my thought processes start churning out some of their ‘thoughts’….

The quote I’m sharing with you today is indeed a profound one. The beauty of some quotes and words which I appreciate is, especially when simple words make a deep impact, that which leaves you pondering for long and same goes for the above one.

Have you ever experienced that silence in your life which has left you unnerving? Which has made you reach out gasping for breath even though air was all around you?

Have you ever had uncomfortable silences which at the same time hurt you more than angry words by the person at the other end?

Have you ever felt a silence which was so weighty that you would have actually preferred commotion rather than that feel of ‘deadness’ in that moment?

Silences are beautiful and meaningful as well. In my final year of Undergrad when I was reading the Interview process in therapy, I read about silence as well and how meaningful it could be; where the client would pause, how long would he pause for and other things.

Surprisingly these days, there are moments when all I wish to do is lie under the fan with my tired body on the bed and listen to the ‘silent noise’ of the fan and nothing else.

In this fast paced life of ours where we constantly run and over utilise our mind’s faculties in multi tasking, there is a dire need for that silence~- one which is worth it and sans any loud noise!

What has been your experience with 'Silence'? Would love to hear:)


Ryan said...

Beautiful thought filled post. Silence has always been a positive for me. A way to cleanse all that rumbles on around us. Silence allows me to connect with my soul, my spirit and my God. Teaching ones self how to turn off the noise, not only external but the internal chatter is a great gift. One can learn much when we are silent, allowing the gifts of peace and tranquility to wash over us. Don't be afraid of the lack of noise, embrace it, love it and most importantly learn from it. What does it tell you about who you are deep down. You quote is quite correct, sometimes it does have the loudest voice, usually when we need to hear it if we take the time to listen.


Rachit said...

silent post... churned out from beautiful thoughts.

Weakest LINK

Bhargav Bhatt said...

"they are the whispers within.... "... do you remember you asked me as why i use this word so often "whispers"... they are loud... nice nice one aakkkrriitiii...(i dun know when am gonaa spel u corect)

gr8 post again.... (if you are that free... ek cup chai ho jaayeee?? :P)

Unknown said...
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Aakriti said...

@Ryan: Thank u soo much for sharing ur beautiful thoughts on Silence with me. Ur posts fill a lot of peace in me when I go through them, telling me how calm are you...its like filling that empty tank in me whenever I visit ur blog:)

Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: Thank u :) Silence is blissful:)
@ Bhargav: Janaab...aap mera naam toh sahi likhte hain..bus thoda lamba kard dete hain:P...but I dont mind..haha!!:) oh yea, I rmbr asking that to you some time back...sure. M ready for a cup of tea;)

shaifali said...

Dear Akriti, firstly congrats for such a beautiful blog.
For me, silence is the loudest sound essential, so perfect and so influencing :)

Cheers, Shaifali

Aakriti said...

@ Shaifali...thnk u sooo much for stopping by and leaving a comment:) I love my blog way too much:D
Your'e most welcome always:)

Saru Singhal said...

I am one of those who love to be silent when I have so much to say, mostly anger. But of late I realized that as I remain silent for the fear of hurting someone, I end up hurting myself. Silence kills, it's better to vent out your emotions.

Aakriti said...

@ Saru: Hey Saru...thnks for dropping by at my place:) I appreciate ur honest comment. Well, if that is the case, writing helps and best part hurts no return all u get is words to ponder and reflect upon..

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