Sunday, July 10, 2011

How True Can I be.....?

How true can I be……..??

"Miss Writer, why don't you tell things like it is?
Why don't you tell it like it really is?
Before you go on home..."

An FB friend wrote some words on his status, few of which were the ones written above…
Honestly, the above words fit me best, but then I wonder, ‘do they??’
To share with you, I had made a second blog, where I declared myself anonymous and shared all the bitter ‘realities’ of my life…but after sometime, all that blog looked was sad, morose, and ‘living but dead’ until few weeks before I deleted all the posts and gave it a new shape.
Sure, I’m a writer, a poetess, and like any other human being I see a lot in my life as well, but what will I get if I share those bitter moments here? Introspection? Or a thought that will stay and tell me how sad some things are in my life and no matter how hard I try, they might just stay that way?
Well, if my best friend knows how my life is, that’s more than enough for me. Are we taught subliminally not to share our house or family secrets with the world, coz of fear that it may just end up being a joke, or so as to avoid getting sympathy?

As I shared in a talk with my friend some time back – “No family is perfect”….. yet I know I can say that mine is perhaps the way it was meant to be…..
Anyway….to the above lines I answer…..

Hey friend, how do I say it all,
For there are spaces for some silences,
There are spaces for some secrets too,
That I can’t say what really is……



Bhargav Bhatt said...

"For there are spaces for some silences,"

its better to be mum then to be a hypocrite..
pretenders are more dangerous then the silence...

nice concern shared....

Rachit said...

Blog is your space, write whatever you feel like with no hesitation :)

And check your mail.

Weakest LINK

Unknown said...

Hey Aakriti,

I agree with Rachit and well, when you are writing, you never have to think twice before sharing what you actually feel. The one who laughs at a serious note is a joke in himself, so worry less and pen down anything and everything !!

Happy Blogging :)

Suree said...

Its A free world out there.Its democracy in India still.But in case you want to keep somethings to yourself , its perfectly fine.In fact I believe there should be things about you which only you should know about unless some mystic charming prince comes riding on a white horse and discovers it all.Be who are and for no reason :)

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

glad to find your blog, welcome sharing your poetry with us today.

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