Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drops of Rain.....

Drops of Rain

It was not before this monsoon season that I realised how much I loved RAIN……
The last time I recall getting drenched in the rain was when I was a kid, so this monsoon, when the first heavy showers welcomed Delhi, I went upstairs, even though my mum tried not to let me. This time, like a kid, I just decided to let myself go, all I took along with me was a towel, and a joyous spirit
Spirit of getting drenched,
Of easing my mind,
Of letting my worries drain away,
And of dancing and singing away merrily,
In my dance and in my song..
As I drenched,
I saw the beautiful green leaves smile,
They looked so fresh and gorgeous,
That they made me talk to them,
And I gently stroked them,
Took them in my hands,
And got drenched till the last drop.!

Today, it rained again, the shower turned into a nice downpour as I walked to the nearby market to get bread with an umbrella over me…

And the rain brought the smile back,
Brought my ‘child’ back,
As I played with the rain removing the umbrella from my head, letting the drops fall on my clear face…..
And then there was no turning back,
I came back home,
Went into my balcony,
Pop went my face out, and my slender hands,
And the droplets loved me as I enjoyed them….
I listened to the splitter spatter,
I felt the drops ease my heaviness,
Yes….rain indeed is heavenly,
And carries with it a magical element from the heavens above….

Don’t worry about people watching,
Don’t worry about how you are looking,
Next time it rains….get drenched…and see how you feel…


Ayushi said...

Pour some rain over me :)
Rain is total absolute bliss :)

Kevin said...

I was just talking to my 4yo daughter tonight about playing in the rain tomorrow (it's supposed to rain). She was so excited to think that she was going to get to play in the rain.

I hope it rains tomorrow. It'll be great fun.

Aakriti said...

@ Ayushi: Well..if I had the will like 'Bruce Almighty'..haha....I could surely pour rain on u...May the heavens be good to u...and pour some bliss on u:) love Aakriti

Aakriti said...

@ Kevin: Hi!!! Welcome to my blog:) Great to have you hear..I hope it rains at ur place and ur daughter gets to have her share of fun in the rain!!:)

allison tait said...

I love the feeling of walking in the rain. Just not every single day, which is what we're currently experiencing in Australia!

Visiting via the Rewind.

happyhousewifey said...

I love getting wet in the rain. I used to go and wash our work cars when I was on shift if it rained. Lots and lots of fun! :)

visiting via the remind :)

MultipleMum said...

You make it sound so lovely! And a dance in the rain IS superb, when you can get dry at the end of it. Not easy with four little people and days and days and days of rain. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem via the Rewind. Reminded me of the *good* side of rain. x

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