Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday..I fell in LOVE

Yes. I fell in love with someone yesterday. Perhaps more than Valentine’s Day, it was the Oh! so Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate that made me fall in love with someone. Who is that guy, I still have no clue. Absolutely no clue at all!! All I do is wait for that Prince Charming of mine to come someday dance with me or simply have a candle lit dinner in a beautiful twilight! Haha;)

All I had were beautiful thoughts yesterday as I slept and they didn’t leave my mind until morning. Wow, what an effect can a Royal wedding have on me? Yes it was a day of love, lavishness, beauty, charm and everything fancy!
So, yes, I’m in lovehere are some lines I wrote yesterday:

Oh! Yes I feel like falling in love,
Falling into someone’s arms,
I wish to see the flowers so red,
And sit with you under the cool shady trees,
And look into your eyes so deep,
Filled with pure love for me,
And tell you that “I love you dear”,
And will do so till eternity!

Yes, I feel like hugging someone,
 That someone who’ll melt my heart,
It’s been a long wait and years have passed,
Hope keeps me alive every day,
And I love and preen myself for thee,
The days our eyes shall meet,
When locked hearts shall find their keys!

Yes, I’ll give myself to you,
For you’ll be one and only,
Tell me somehow through some means, will you?
That you are here or near me?  
I’m in love, you know that already,
Yes, I’m the waves to your sea!

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shruti said...

sweet :)

Unknown said...

aww... really cute. and nice :) :D

Unknown said...

simply beautiful :)<3

Butterfly said...

Like it. So you are looking for prince charming too ;-)

Aakriti said...

thank u sooo much again:) Shruti,Srishti!!:)

@ Same -e ....Oye..really feels great to have your comment on my blog..mere blog ki shobha bad jati hai.. u knw;)

@ Butterfly: You bet!!;) haha

Unknown said...

Oh, I just loved the Royal Wedding. So romantic. Before I was married at 29, I did often think that I was in love. But the face was a bit blurry!

It's kind of exciting wondering who may be the love of your life. Do you already know them? Have you already met? What will your life be like?

Oh, I love the anticipation! Happy wondering :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by and saying hello. You have a lovely blog. I hope you find your Prince Charming and have your own fairytale ending to blog about soon :-)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Ah, the waiting and the wondering is almost the best part!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro - and thank you SO much for being such an engaged participant and commenting on so many other blogs. I really appreciate it - and I'm sure everyone else does too. :-)

Aakriti said...

@ Kymmie: I just try to make my waiting as happy as possible, after all this is an experience in itself, right;) So that I have good stories and poems to share with my love when I actually find him:)
@ here under the rainboe and Fibro:)gratsi...:)

Bhargav Bhatt said...

DA MORNING. . . Da sweet, soft n tender morning . . Has come. . gets a glimpse of ur soul. . N. . Asks u. . Hey gorgeous whom u r waiting 4. . . U R DESPERATE. . .

Jz awesome... expressions to be felt and never to be read....

poetry, feel and to feel the love of happenings...

do visit if time

Bhargav Bhatt said...

Many thanks for visiting , do read, CRY, A HUMAN, SMILE & DESPERATE, as and when the emotions are high :)

Rachit said...

romance at its peak... oooo lalala:)

Weakest LINK

Aakriti said...

@Rachit: yes m a die hard romantic:P...;)

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