Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life’s beauty .....

Life’s beauty lies in moments:

1.      When I see four sisters playing together. A younger one says something to the elder one in a bossy way, so the elder one goes at the back of her house and sits alone on a platform with a sad face in her hands. Her three sisters come looking for her. The bossy one sends the other two away. Comes looking for her elder sister. Just then the elder one gets down from the platform and prepares herself to play. She chases her younger sibling, only to make her annoy and laughingly goes to the front side of the house.  And the younger one, with a scorn says “Main nahi khelungi age se iske saath”!
2.       When I wave at a kid going on a rikshaw with his dad with an upset face. And as I wave, he suddenly looks up astonishingly and smiles back at me.
3.      When I feel the sorrow of an old rikshaw puller outside my campus narrating to me his life’s story; when he tells me that his wife’s leg is nearly broken and she limps and walks, when he tells me that his second hand rikshaw got stolen and now he has to pay 40 rupees to the owner of the rikshaw regardless of what he earns that day, when he tells me that he had one son but he fled away and married some girl, never to come back, when I greet him as I walk from the metro station to my college and he smilingly says ‘ Aiye na?” And I tell him “Main chalna chahti hun” to which he replies “Chalk ke kya karoge!?” At which I ponder upon.
4.      When a girl at Kilkari wraps her arms around me and hugs me for looooong, embracing me in her life and maybe in her mind and heart as if I was a part of her, only to make me feel loved in the ‘purest’ way possible.
5.       When I smell fresh oregano with tingling and yummylicious aroma of pizza/pasta.
6.      When a friend speaks something that was there in my mind, but couldn’t come till my lips.

Life’s beautiful surely, we just need to look for the beauty in it!:)

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Bhargav Bhatt said...

how better a psycology student???, (you are a professor) can express those moments... :D

really, nice ...blushed reading 4 sisters,...such moments make u feel you are alive...dun they???

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