Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remembering Thailand

I miss Bangkok. Sooooo much. I went to BKK in 2009, and fell in love with that place precisely because it was a Shopper’s Paradise. The best thing I liked about the malls there, unlike the ones in Delhi was the offers and the discounts they had. I felt like getting my nails painted and designed, but couldn't because of lack of time. I could have spent all my life in BKK, marveling at the amount of pretty things one could buy for oneself, friends, for one’s home and the list is endless.
As I was trying to concentrate for my coming exam, my brain simply refused to study “Qualitative Research Methods”…O f course, there are much better things to do in life and day dream and reminiscence my days in BKK than study this subject! So here are some pictures which help me re-live the experience. However, if only I was a bird and could fly..but then how would I shop?? Oho..I would be a magical bird, with amazing powers. Anyways, here you go……
BKK offers some great, crisp, sweet fruits given hygienically by the street vendors. I thrived on coconut water, pineapples, Guavas.  All were a treat considering the scorching heat!!:)


These autos are called “tuk tuks”. They are very fun to ride on. You find them in India as well..Here we call them Autos. But the one’s in BKK are very funky looking!
  One thing which India shares with Thailand are the Gods and Goddesses. Even the images on the walls of the “Emerald Buddha” depict the stories from Ramayana!

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Puru@ShadowsGalore said...

Bangkok and Thailand on the whole is a beautiful place to be. I had fun during my stay there:)

That statue is that of Samudra Manthan, you can see Asuras and Devas on either side, pulling the big serpent :)

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