Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My tasty buds;)

Heya's its all abouts the foods...Coz I've gone crazy watching sumptuous and gorgeous looking Turkish DELIGHTS, then Mexican food on Fox History channel programs- FOOD SAFARI and David Roco's Dolce Vita.. OMG!! hE IS sOOOO hOTT!! and CooKs aMazingly!!.. So today it's allll about Fued ( oooooood) haha CAUTION : food fights are messy, and shouldn't be engaged in!! Why?? Coz Food is precious and is for the tunmmy, if u wanna play dirty and Holi!!

Here we have tortillas, Salsa dip ( which is super quick and easy to make) and Burritos.and Nachos;) The best part about Mexican cuisine is
that provided that you have all the ingredients, it's super quick to make. Mix all the ingredients into the blender and Voila!! your sauces are ready!! Sigh......We don't get everything here..And if I do, i wonder how expensive it might be!! But his doesn't stop em from not having Mexican Fueeeed ( yeah, I'd like to pronounce it that way) 8) Yo!!

And here's the guy I looooooooove. For his hottness, and for his sensuality and of course for the way he cooks and talks;) If only husbands could be so creative with foods and sensual:P  Oohh lala!!

And my other fav's - Rachel Allen the way she teaches you how to bake sugaaryicious delicacies. One I'd love to die for
 Last but not the least FOOD SAFARI.. You not only get to roam around the world, but get to learn how to cook food too:) Yes!! I'm A  foodie...I'm sure by now you know that;) Keep smiling, and keep eating...and for people like me who love to cook..KeEp COOKING!! sMOKAYN!!;)

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Dextrous said...

Mexican Cuisine is pretty much like Indian, SPICY!!...though Corn and Cheese are added advantages.

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