Saturday, February 12, 2011

A bitter cup of coffee

A bitter cup of coffee

For me coffee has to be sweet. Not that sweet though. I guess, many like to drink coffee that is bitter and strong. I ‘guess’ ( I’m not generalizing).

I just finished drinking my sweet cup of full milk coffee. I drink coffee like flavored chocolate powder added to milk .  I know that’s not how one makes or perhaps even drinks a coffee, but well, beating coffee with sugar and then pouring hot milk and a bit of water into it is a coffee, I reserve it for special occasions or when I have ample of time in my life.

Anyways, As I finished drinking my coffee, I reached for the last sip,
which was nothing but bitter. And so this post inspired my all-sugar-bitter-in-the end-cuppa coffee.

As often the case with coffee is, that one likes it to be strong, bitter, and the preferred assortments with it might vary from honey or choco- chip cookies to bourbon, and voila, it adds a dose of sweetness to your rejuvenating cup full of energy and relaxation.  
Our life too perhaps is like that bitter cup of coffee. While some like to drink it, others like to have their sugary assortments with it, and if the likes of me exist, they add li’l sugar in the coffee and eat bourbon biscuits along with it tooJ.

Surely life is not a baby roller coaster to take a ride on. But with age the speed, the highs and the lows just get more exciting.
If only in those bitter moments, we could taste and enjoy sweetness the way we do when we enjoy coffee with cookies,
But the “bitterness” gives you a kick, a start for a new day, a new moment. You know why?
Coz, bitter coffee ‘enlivens’ your dead spirit, gives you a high, which perhaps sweetness cannot!:) (Read between the lines, you’ll get what I’m saying)


Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things} said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Aakriti! I loved reading it and it brought a smile to my face! :)
I think the stencil would be just as cute on drinking chocolate! Someone mentioned on my post about decorating cupcakes with the stencils. I think that is a great idea as well!
If I understood it right, you asked how I make the Latte Macchiato.. :) I have a milk steamer to fluff up the milk and then just use half milk, half coffee to make my Lattes. Yumm!
xoxo from Germany!

cosmic_wanderer said...

Hmm..I agree with you to some extent..I would say:

If life is all Honey and Sugar when the occasional bitterness hits. Its very difficult to swallow it and move on.

An IDEAL Life would be one where we only are served the sweetest coffee we can ever want.

But reality would/does always provide the occasional cup full of bitterness.

It's this bitter cup, which takes us down in life, takes us to the edge. Sometimes so close, that we may think of giving up coffee once and for all and take the final leap to end it all.

But as you said, it's the same bitterness, which gives us the energy/the kick to move on, and move on Stronger, Sharper, Higher then before.

So I would say, If we haven't had the occasional cup of bitterness.
The sweet cup/moments would seem a lil less sweet.

Its the bitterness which gives us hope to look forward to the next sweet cup and makes those sweet moments, A little more tantalizing.


(Hope all that rambling makes some sense.)

Aakriti said...

You do not RAMBLE at all...get over that impression..You write well and I truly appreciate ur thoughts:)

Aakriti said...

Heya Vanessa...thnk u soo much:)yummmm,...;)

Being Me said...

All this talk of coffee.... I want another now. I like it strong and full-flavoured. Interesting, your analogy! Because now I am considering the parallels between my change in taste about coffee and the changes that have occurred in my life. (I used to drink it with 2, sometimes 3, sugars and now have it with none) Hmmmm. Thank you, some food for thought ;-)

allison tait said...

You absolutely need the bitter to appreciate the sweet! Hi Aakriti - I haven't been around for a while and it's nice to be back visiting your blog. :-)

Visiting via the Rewind.

MultipleMum said...

I am not a coffee drinker so your analogy is somewhat less powerful on me. Life is all about highs and lows. The lows make the highs so much nicer and I suspect that is what the bitterness of coffee does for the drinker? Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind. I am dreadfully late with my commenting this time around x

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