Tuesday, February 15, 2011


this one is gonna be random..very random..
1. I was soooo damn resltess in today's IKE class that I just felt like going out of the classroom. My mind was on a switched off mode, and matter how hard I tried, the wall outside my brain just didn't allow any kind of 'knowledge' to seep in.
2. My univ expects me to do a lot right now, and though m aware of the fact, yet I'm keen on stopping time and relax for a while. It's toooooooooooo much:/.
3. I'm wasting my time on fb like crazy...actually maybe JUST NOT wasting...it's called "chilling out" for me.
4. Now I also have this task on my shoulders to fall in love with some philosopher..Waah Waah...yahan main 'real' love dhondne ki koshish kar rahi hun, aur mujhe philosopher ke saath bola ja rha hai!!
5. I just figured out that wen my best frnds need me, I'm always there, or in some or the other way try to be there, but when I need them....there are hardly there to be seen. Now I do not know whether to thank them or not for this!!
6. I miss my bro's presence in home these days.
7. I'm tired of a lot of things- the way we grow up, the way suddenly parents start expecting u to act like adults as soon as u reach '20', the way ppl fake in this world, and the list is endless...
8. I want to over react, I want to shout, scream, howl, bang a table. I'm agitated.Period.
9.I do not know why I'm still writing this blog, hardly ppl read it, yet like a mad person I continue to write here.....huh!!
10.I wanna have nice warm brownie, but I'm full right now. 
11.I wanna go abroad to study. Silly gal...pehle AUD ki padhai to khatam kar lo!!!...sigggggggh...:(
12. I want some 'fun' in life, I wanna do something spontaneous, fun and W.I.L.D :D
13. There are never good friends to tok to on FB chat.:/
14. oK...fINE .BIeeeeeee...

1 comment:

shruti said...

dese r minor issues re...:)
write abt major 1s like
World Peace
hehheehhe <3

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