Monday, February 7, 2011

BOY...oh!! boy!!:P

The thought of going to a shop and buying a guy’s deodorant kinda made me feel weird. I know it’s not a big deal, because I was buying for my bro (well yeah, he is too lazy, and even if he would have accompanied me, it is his sis who would have decided a fragrance for him). The weirdness was coz of the Valentine week that is going on. (its lame, but I did feel it's effects;)

I go to this huge shopping mart. There I ask the lady, which ones are the deos for boys. And voila, I see a huge line of Reebok, Set Wet, Wild Stone, and what not. The Set Wet people were giving hair gel free with the deodorant. My bro is NOT AT ALL of the ‘hairgel species’. After sniffing Set Wet Mocha, Haute, I settled for Set Wet Adventurer (apt name for my bro, and the fragrance was kinda nice).

I come back home and tell him how the lady was spraying the deo one by one on my left arm, then on right, and well I’m still smelling of one of the deo, dunno which one, but it apparently has an after smell of a Mortein:p..
My bro and I shared a laugh when he told me that a friend of his in college said to another “ Aaj kaunsa laga ke aya hai?” , the other boy responds “WILD STONE”

Indeed the names of the deodorants for boys are “wild”..haha..

What else does one expects the land of boys to welcome the girls with? ;)Huh?

PS: I was wondering if ever I have to buy gifts for my bf, then goshit’ll be really hard. There are not many options to choose from!!


Anonymous said...

My best friend is a guy so i know what you mean :-P i remember asking him what to buy for this other guy for his birthday. He looked at me and said "deo" like it was so damn obvious. Apparently they most buy deos for each thoughtful and creative :-P

by the way no i did NOT buy a deo for that guy :-P

Aakriti said...

Haha...bus my situation was with my mean these guys don't give us girls many options to choose from to gift them..right?? and whatever options are available are freaking high end types and expensive:P...These guys! and their things! I tell u !! Lovely to see u come by:)

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