Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the go...

I have loads of thoughts on my mindhere they go.

  1. I have to read my readings. The best thing, reading Greek philosophy is a ‘peak experience’ although you reach it only after having eaten the jalebi, which is not a very sweet experience!
  1. I also got to read a huge article in the newspaper on parenting. Yup. I’m a fan of parenting columns!!:)
  1. I have this desperate urge to learn Calligraphy. And it requires me to give something which I’m short on..umm..and that one word is PATIENCE!!
  1. I want to stay away from home, far away. I’ve been with my family for 21 long years. It’s too much now. I want to extend my boundaries of freedom and space. I don’t even care if it means using a defense mechanism to escape some things! Alright, my unconscious, I’m ready to give in to you!! Happy?
  1. A thing which has been bothering me since long is how valuable I’m as a person? I simply admire people who do multi-tasking. I, all my life, have done one thing at a time, and, well, the results have been fruitful too, there is no denying that. Yet, I feel I lack in the ability to multi- task:/.
  1. A school friend of mine called me up. She is not of the type who reaches back to her friends. In fact, it is me who does all these things. So this time she was like “I don’t even remember how you look? It’s been long, let’s meet, let’s go to Adventure Island coming Saturday!” and I was all yes for it.
  2. Amusement parks are hell lot of fun, and I’m a big fan, sometimes to the extent, that in this frenzy mode of having fun, I end up feeling dizzy after the ride. But the question is, you don’t go there to sit, right? You go there to have fun, and getting dizzy is a part of it:p!;)
  1. There is this school friend of mine, who I haven’t met past 4 years. Gosh! It’s been sooo long. And every time I make a plan to meet, it just ends up being a “plan”L .Ha! I wonder if she really wants to meet. Is this some kind of resistance?;) Ab main Freud to hun nahi ki har cheez ko analyse karne baith jaun;)
  1. ‘I want to fall in love’. Period.
  1. If I get time today, or need a break from my readings, I’ll make Paneer Capsicum for lunch!
Ciaohave a greaaaaaaaaaat Sunday. It’s alright if you don’t wanna take a bath ((damn!! I can’t, ghar mein pani khatamL))))), if you want to sleep all day long, and if you want to chill out watching movies or spend a day with family or friendsafter all it’s a SUN- DAY!!
PS: Falling in love does not mean with any kind of awaara guy..and well if I have to wait..then “ ugggggghthat’s precisely what I’’ve been doing all this while !! Cupid..? U listening??


Unknown said...

loved ur post :)
its amazing :)

Aakriti said... least some one read..thnks darling:)

shriya said...

:D i loved it too :)

Aakriti said...

thnks Shriya!!:)

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