Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty of talent

There is so much of talent out there, that which is hidden, that which is deeply embedded in the soul of a person only waiting to be presented and appreciated.

A friend’s friend from Vietnam showed me the umpteen numbers of gorgeous pictures she has clicked on various themes. And believe me, her pictures speak more than what a thousand words could ever say. This is what I love about good pictures which talented photographers click. They enliven, brighten, and feel the moment, more superbly than what a person or a landscape itself could ‘feel’.  I say this because I myself have felt lost in those pictures, amazed and spell bounded by what a person could create by a single click.
I really do not know what all a photographer thinks as he/she clicks or captures that moment only to freeze it in time. He/ she in that moment contributes to the history, perhaps not knowing the value of that significant picture and that capture.

I sooo wish if I could do the same. I simply love nature, and rather like getting myself clicked. (But not too much either) . This time to my trip to south India I did click some fantastic pictures, or perhaps the nature itself was so beautiful that I didn’t do anything, the pictures themselves looked gorgeous and heavenly enough.

Past two years, I have been writing furiously. Give me something striking, and off I would go on my writing trip. It helps me, it soothes me and my heart, calms my mind.
The best moment has been when I was so agitated that I wrote all the abuses I could howl at that person. I typed them on MS WORD. Then I called my best friend and asked her to listen to what all I had written, and before I could realize, we were laughing crazily as I stopped to howl some more, and read what I had written.  This was just one of those. I have often in my moments of sheer excitement, called up my friends and recited the poem to them.
And of course there have been times when I have gone back to my work, read it and been amazed at what I wrote and in which context I wrote it.

As a writer, all I know is that when people get inspired by your prose or poem or even by your thoughts, that is the best that one could achieve. Perhaps it is just a way to let the heart of that writer/poet know that ‘you beautifully expressed’! 

PS: Her pictures have a copyright. and well I'm glad:) here's the link, do stop by, who knows you may fall in love with them to?


Kunal said...

Surprise. :)
Even after reading, re-reading and exploring through your posts again and again...I thought..I had read all of them. But...this one was still hidden. Until now..that is.. :)

Gorgeous Photos indeed.
The beauty of hidden talents! :)

Unknown said...

I am touched by your blog! Well done

Unknown said...

Job well done! I was touched by your blogs:)

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