Sunday, November 21, 2010


If only life didn’t run at this pace,

Forcing us to believe this ‘reality’,

No one knowing the truth

Everyone succumbs to the fallacies,

And yet we continue to believe,

That fantasies and realities are apart,

The mysteries of a labyrinth,

A spiral shape, no end, no start.

Chaos exists everywhere,

Like particles of dust scattered,

Waiting for the light to reflect,

The quantities of this particulate matter,

The disturbance settles in piecemeal,

Like few silences in a thunderstorm,

Mortifying the happy moments,

And trampling on them like left away stones.

Had I had all the time in my hand,

And money to spend with freedom,

With my wonderful friends,

I’d spend each day like a vacation,

But works keeps us going,

Being idle is dangerous too,

We crib, we cry, and get distressed,

A life which we live

At times, seems nothing beyond a mess.

What’s the point if I go on and on?

Had things had to change,

They would have, in the time now gone,

Moments of all flavours,

We can’t choose, but given to taste,

The bitterness of some, so dull,

The sweetness of some, we praise.

Repose and spread your arms,

Like wings, and feel the breeze,

It may seem cold and sultry,

But shall in moments your heart reach.

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