Thursday, November 18, 2010


I’m tired of telling you,

Over and again,

Of how you speak and talk,

Once, twice, I didn’t mind,

But it’s time it gets a li’l sort(ed).

I hope you realize what a ‘sorry’ means,

For you consciously swear not to repeat it again,

But, sadly, it’s not only you, but all,

Who say it and do it again!

I might be a hypocrite as I write these words,

Knowing I’m not too perfect to tell,

Yet I’ll share, that words that we pick,

Have immense potential,

To hate, to kill, and to foretell.

Knowing that we value,

The other person we have,

Knowing how it hurts,

Whenever we are too ‘frank’,

Knowing it all,

We still tread that path,

Repeating the mistakes,

That might ‘forever’ shall last.

How often can one be forgiven?

No matter we continue to live and to love (them),

And the reason we only hate them,

Is ‘coz of the ways that they cannot amends.

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