Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now am “I”

The “me” inside which grew all these years,

Wore new clothes and shed many others,

The “self” that met many and a few,

Matured over time, being the same yet new,

The “unconscious” with its bundles of complexities,

Kept weaving and tracing my paths with a history of mysteries,

The “soul” inside me enlivened every moment,

Every time it would seek pleasure,

In the beautiful melodies my ears would listen,

And then no one could stop the way my heart danced,

The waves that performed for me,

I felt no less than in trance!

This day I pledge to live,

This moment I smile with happiness,

The days of glory are here,

Now the present is offered,

I take my hands, and fold,

To the almighty who bestowed all this on me,

May God bless your beautiful souls,

As you love him, and he loves thee!


LONE WOLF said...

nice...lovely words...the discovery of self!! :D

Aakriti said...

thnks Lone wolf:)

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