Friday, November 19, 2010

A bond with a picture...

There are times when lyrics of a song do justice to your emotions, there are times when even an instrumental music speaks to you exactly the way you feel at that moment, it brings tears of joy or sadness, or simply memories you cherished or wish to forget.
this time it was a picture for me which I found here while going through the pictures. This picture made an instant connect with my 'present' state of it goes..

This picture you see here speaks a lot the way I ‘m feeling right now. A dab of blue in the background, good portions of yellow ( lowlessness- yeah I just made a word) and seldom reds to signify there exists a 'life' in me.

Even if you wish to see the true colors of me,
At the moment, you may not see,
I’m all stressed up coz of work,
The yellow with reds wishes to spurt,
But is overpowered by blue, the color of the sea.

And as I try hard to change the hues,
The texture remains the same,
The waves of the ocean on a ‘low’ tide,
Create havoc as they rise again.

But my fellow tulips tell me,
There isn’t much to lose,
The winter will soon end,
Giving way to magnificence of the spring,
And all the days shall not be that gloomy,
As there will be sun to love ‘me’.

And with this hope,
I wait for the days,
(Keenly and enthusiastically, in my heart)
When I shall jump like a kid,
And like a fountain twist and dance.

For now, instill the calmness,
Of the oceans and the seas,
I need the moon for beauty and serenity,
Peace is what I wish for,
As the commotion is too hard to handle,
Oh! dear blue,
Fade away, like a miracle!!


Anonymous said...

paintings your emotions, and writing them out. Good going

Anonymous said...

I love this piece especially the fourth stanza! what joy and hope lies within the words! lovely!

I am following!

my latest

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...


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