Saturday, October 30, 2010

You – “My Mirror”

Credits: Mark Lewanski
These years that swept by,
Like a wave dissolving a sand castle,
The girl wrote poems and stories,
Of a life, perhaps worthy being a novel.

The words were her power,
The thoughts, the backbone, like an ink
A dip of the pen, pierced the memories,
With freshness, in which past had sunk.

Who knows it was true or false?
The readings she thought to have read,
Of the events that were overpowering,
This while she thought to have learnt,
From her every back step.

In a market full of treasures,
In a mirror, she saw a lady,
Behind whom a girl stood,
Longing to touch it, but a li’l wary!

The mirror brought her closer
Offering a friendship of give and take,
The way it showed her ‘her’ world,
She herself had never seen!

The feeling you get,
When you listen,
Your life’s story being told by a friend,
A friends so new who hasn’t known,
But tells your secrets much too well!

The girl smiles in a surprise,
Taken aback, yet happy she felt,
This mirror, a friend for her life,
Became dear, the moment,
It made her heart melt!

“My dear mirror, tell me”,
“How do you know what you say?”
Then she heard a funny answer….
The one she would refrain to share…

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