Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The value of a GIFT

‘Gift giving’ as a process may be exciting for some people, yes I would like to emphasize on ‘SOME’. I think many people in this world, however, consider it burdensome, to get gifts and to give gifts.

There is no human on this planet earth who doesn’t likes wonderful and pleasant surprises (and as the percentage goes, even those who hate surprises, there are not of our concern at the moment). Gifts have an immense potential to convey the way we feel about someone. More special a person is to us, the more willing we are to expend our precious time and effort to pick a gift that aptly suits the person. And what better way to get a return gift than a wonderful smile, a warm hug and a ‘thank you’ said right from the heart.

When people think of gift giving and receiving as something very tedious, the whole pleasure and the fun of it disappears in the thoughts of giving gifts matching the cost of the gift we received, getting a gift which is way too cheeky or cheap according to our taste or in return give a gift which shows the person where you stand and where he/ she stands.

Do you see any joy in this? NO! While I agree, that social obligations make it ‘mandatory’ for us to give gifts in return which match up or at least nearly match the standards of the gifts we have received, but can we not forget all that at some times and reflect on the feelings of love which goes along when someone gives and receives a gift?

I have too many thoughts in my mind at present, at how to put them in an order is difficult for me!

I personally love making my special and dear friends feel ‘special’ and they simply love the surprises, no matter how small they might be. Many times I have been surprised to the extent when some have told me that they have never ever received a hand-made card by anyone, while I love making hand- made cards. Cards made by self, where you might even just write a ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, or ‘You are special’ hold more significance than ready made cards. Just the way the freshness, aroma, the softness of an oven fresh cake lures you to come near it and have a biiig bite of it, similarly anything custom- made for the ‘special person’ means more than anything to him/ her.

I would like to share how I make my dear ones feel special:

  1. By buying gifts they deserve: While it may seem calculative, I do think that every gift has a ‘person to be given to’ in mind. So best friends get the best of the lot, and good friends get the good stuff of the lot, and casual friends are not given casual stuff! Why? Coz perhaps we don’t wish to show them that we cannot gift! For them, we especially ‘think’ and gift.

  1. Words of love: These words go directly either into a card or a letter, especially written for my friends! You can try it too, it’s not that hard telling them how much you love them and how much they mean to you!

  1. Going gaga over my friends: ITS VERY very easy, All you gotta do is, tell them how much you love, adore them and are happy for them, on wall posts, through messages, by tagging them in beautiful pictures, dedicating a song or a staus to them, until they get tired!! Lol;)…

Often while exchanging gifts, we end us receiving some which we dislike so much yet we have to put up a fake smile and thank them as if that was the best ever gift someone gave to us! These situations become extremely awkward, for we cannot let them know how much we loathe what they gave to us. I really don’t know how we handle such situations! They become so uncomfortable. So next time, when it is our turn, do we gift them something of the same range, or a higher range to let them know how giving we are, regardless of what they gave us!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says that continue to love and to be kind, continue to give no matter how much hatred you might get in return, a day will come when the person will realize and feel small for himself in front of all that he was given and then will make all the efforts to be more good to you than you were to him!. I even got to hear an interesting experience from an aunty on this one, and it was indeed astonishing.

I’ll end up on a happy note, coz I like happy endings.

Gift to show that you love,

Gift to show that you care,

Gift to bring a smile,

Gift to give a hug,

Gift sometimes, out of the blue,

Not always to those who mean to you,

Gift can be a simple thank you,

Or a smile that says ‘I love you’!


MultipleMum said...

I am not a good gift giver. Thanks for reminding me that it means the world to some others so I should make more of an effort! Thanks for Rewinding x

Aakriti said...

Most Welcome:)

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