Thursday, October 28, 2010


How easy it is to fool someone,

In this world full of innocents,

And for every mask they wear and remove,

There are some to be happy,

And those who lament.

Shed a tear, wipe it away,

Clean your face; you’re the same again,

An experiment to test,

Will give you answers at best.

Those bonded intuitively,

Shall catch you in time,

And those far from you,

Will never ever rhyme.

The ‘real’ in this world,

Is hard to find,

For millions keep speaking,

But it appears a mime!

The social world which we made to live,

The fake smiles which we accept and give,

It’s the mind and the heart,

Which remain true to you,

‘Coz inside they reside,

Outside, they feel all blue.

And the irony of ironies,

Exists in this life,

We know we are being deceived,

Yet we wish to strive,

The false hopes and high expectations,

One day they’ll all crumble,

And go on a long vacation.

Then we’ll cry for not having accepted,

That this life is a mask,

With many facades,

One on your left, a million on the right,

You too a part,

But just not ‘in- sight’.

It’s a jungle of madness,

All sensible, yet crazy,

Its operations, so human,

But administrates mechanically.

Why all the flattery?

Why licking other’s shoes?

Can we not be ourselves?

And do what we wish to?

A cycle of fa├žade,

Don’t know if it has a history,

It all seems so new,

With a mysterious kind of mystery!

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