Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The sweetness of the taste buds

A scoop of vanilla ice cream, few nuts, raisins sprinkled over, a glassful of hot dripping liquid chocolate, some dark chocolate grated over it, and a whip of cream!! Here is how it looks. Next step, you look at it lovingly! You are so much in love with the way your hot chocolate fudge looks that you have no clue of the hustle bustle that goes around you. You then go ahead, take the spoon and dig into it, slowly as the spoon moves towards your hungry lips and fluttering heart that yearns for a splash of sweetness, you close your eyes, and gently the ice cream, the chocolate, the raisins and the nuts all start bathing in the sinful and the gorgeous taste of it, and you feel rested, as if you were getting a chocolate massage. Your heart slowly settles itself into the depths of the hot chocolate and the coolness of the vanilla ice cream. Your eyes don’t feel like opening, and if they do, all they yearn for is the sight of an extravagant looking dessert you just ordered!

I never thought I could write such a beautiful description. Well, as a matter of fact I just did! And perhaps what made me write this is the love for sweets, desserts. And no matter how guilty you feel at the end of the day for having subjected yourself to the lure of the colorful fruit truffle or the dark aberrant chocolate truffle cake or simply a delicious looking, topped with dry fruits, piping hot Moong dal ka halwa, no person can ever snatch from you the blissful state of yours when you gorged on and ‘lived’ that very moment of feeling content. Swimming in the dips of sugar, with saffron colored moong dal ka halwa melting in your mouth oh! So smoothly as if it just wanted to be tasted by someone who had always loved and appreciated every single thing about it-its texture, its taste, its color and lingering sweetness.

I also recall having Wenger’s butterscotch pastry, its chocolate truffle cake, but what I vividly wish to recall is its creamy fruit cake laden with fresh, bright and colorful kiwis, strawberries, pineapples and the crispness of little white chocolate. I happened to taste it on my friend’s birthday and immediately fell in love with the taste.

Blessed are the people who make such delightful and tempting desserts that people like me, even if on a diet, can easily cross the line-of- SELF CONTROL, go to the other side have all the pleasure in digging into the desserts one could have, come back and say to others-“Well, they look lovely, I wonder how they taste, but surely I can make out they are more than a worth having a BITE for!!”;)

Go ahead people, enjoy life and feel BLESSED!! And love the ‘foods which make your life worth “living” for’. I live to eat, do you eat to live or LIVE TO EAT too??


Secret Angel said...

:D Yummy!!! I am hungry now :P

Aakriti said...


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