Monday, August 23, 2010

The labyrinth

HI! Welcome to this new world of mine. A world, where exists no linear relationships, that which are simple to understand, a world where all you get is to think, to think and TO THINK! A world where you may not get answers to your problems and doubts, instead more questions and thoughts to ponder over.
I really do not know whether it seems a roller coaster ride to all of you or not, but I personally feel as if I’m traveling through a deep, dark, long tunnel, which at some times lets the sun rays peep in, but more often than not it is darkness what resides deep within.
Coming to the point, it’s been a week since I started off with my Masters in Psychosocial Clinical Studies (Phew, my mind sighs even as I write the name). Ever since I began with the real work, my mind has been running on its own treadmill, poor Brainy, it gets so tired. No wonder then that my University’s decision to not teach us more than 4 hours a day was indeed a thoughtful one.
This is a very different place to be in, exhausting, mind- boggling, creative at the same time very taxing. There is so much of Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, and so less of ‘Psychology’ (though that’s not what we wanted, but chose it for ourselves, at least me). So, in a way it’s like saying the whole universe of Social Sciences resides in our class, thanks to our Brainy and Intellectual teacher, an alumni of Harvard, in Anthropology!

It might seem all so cool, but the truth it isn’t! But yes, I’m sure, it’s just the beginning, we do have a long way to go. I feel so sad for him, he is such a storehouse of ‘knowledge’ and ‘Information’ but when it comes to helping us understand something, poor guy, he finds it so hard to simplify, but ends up bombarding us with the names of the ever so great philosophers and by using jargons we have not even read all this while!
And then I’m all in awe of him, not always, though. Lately (Though it’s only been a week) my brain has got so tired of listening to the same things over and over again that it has started finding humor in between all this chaos and confusion that floats in my cerebrospinal fluid. And yes, I’m proud of this defense that it is using, what better way to face things?
But listening to him does makes me feel that ‘I know nothing at all’, simply ‘NOTHING’. There’s so much out there waiting to be read and to be explored and we people (especially “me”, don’t know about you) waste so much of time doing silly things. But yes at the same time I do feel that no degrees , no qualifications makes a person superior enough, for the fact is that at the end of the day an intelligent person is one who can communicate his/ her idea across in the most simplest, yet the best possible way!
I decided to enter this maze on my own will and choice, I do have many others who are accompanying me too, but we all are on our own paths, trying to learn from each step we take forward and backwards. No wonder, it is rightly said that to achieve some thing, we do need to put in a lot of efforts. I guess, time has come to whisper in my ears that I’m finally doing MASTERS!

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Unknown said...

hmm, well, every silly thing that one does adds a little bit to that person's knowledge... its how people learn...
nice read... feel bad for your professor, though...

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