Thursday, October 15, 2015

On learning not to swim but swim nonetheless

There is nothing new I shall write today or nothing old you haven't worn in yourself in a long-time. We all have been wearing the same worm out clothes for a while,perhaps what changes is not the material they are made of but the textures and colours.

When was the last time you discovered that you carried a strength you were never aware of? Or surprised your self by surpassing your own knowables!? Or exuded so much of hope and optimism in someone else's life even as your own seems to be filled with natural disasters?

A recent introspection and retrospection led me to understand the myriad webs of life which I had been oblivious to all this while. As I understood the older ones, newer ones felt neglected and stirred themselves up to seek my attention.I must they did get what they wanted.As goes for me I learnt to swim without ever learning how to! I'm in the midst of a huge ocean and I just landed on a shore few days back,catching my breath and trying my best not to drown. The spirit wanted to live and grow and the exhausted body yearned for a quiet death. In the midst of the two the spirit grew stronger trying its best to ignore the momentary voices of the body. It swam and swam and swam,flapping its arms and legs as swimming was a knowledge far from any acquaintance. Just when death was standing at the doorstep,I landed on a shore. Here I'm,this is me. A raw body with a raw soul. Im in the process of aging. The cocoon has been left far behind and wings are preparing for a flight of a lifetime.

The sand enwrapped my body like a blanket and the turtles formed a ring. The sky blue in its enamor shined bright, as the cuckoo would sing. The eyes weary and torn refused to welcome the day. The rays of the Sun blessed me at the brink of my death near the bay. The creatures of existence cared for a life not known. It's like Faith took birth in strangers of a clan the universe owned. I rose from the prayers of hope, that which the heart had wished. The heart rises with each day even as the love is missed.

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