Friday, October 30, 2015

On being in-existent

When the tides of emotions rise like a tsunami and fall into cracks like an earthquake, there is nothing, no- thing to save. And when there is simply no- thing to save what shall one get by saving beings?

 The depths of the forest are so dark that stepping in for a trek seems like a foolish idea. But what do you do when you know that the only way to get going is by finding the very map which, inside the very forest, holds the answers to your future life? With weak steps you move nonetheless. The fear walks on one side and the courage on the other. In between walks a being of insurmountable potential often beating itself over the obstacles that come in its way. Perhaps it’s the easiest thing to give up on life when you know that the quicksand will gobble you up as you decide between losing and fighting. That’s what wallowing in grief makes people do: to give up on not just one’s dreams and endeavours but on one’s life. A second look makes one think “There’s a reason I came this far, with all the hurdles that came my way. If that is the case, giving up would not only be a coward act but missing out on a bright future which holds the promises of tomorrow!” But, like many other stories here’s a but too. It is of the never ending struggles, the anguish, the unspoken needs and the ever destructive masked face of anger. The cloak of this but is a long one. Every part of the body covers itself, feeling filthy and disgusted. The wonder is, amidst all this “how is it still surviving?...... How?”

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