Friday, October 2, 2015

If words are your calling,..then Kaafiya is your abode

For a poet words are where the world begins and then there is no end to them…….to infinity and beyond.......

When words stir
My feelings up
And tears are all that fall
With a reminiscent smile
That beckons the past
I look into the heart of
The poet who penned
Those words so mellifluous
And ask….
“ If her words give life
To a dead part of me
If her words speak
Of the unspoken and the muted me
Aren’t we the same?
Her heart, my breath,
His tears and my words,
Their voice, my lips,
Innumerable voices, One soul

I said what I had to……If these words reach out to you, a spark, a glimmer, a melody, a haiku…..Come, Be part of Delhi’s most fantastic two day festival KAAFIYA…..where poets of all ages, colour and mystical hearts shall dissolve themselves in weaving a yarn of words… 10th and 11th October at India Habitat Centre.


1 comment:

Bikram said...

I am sure its going to be a lovely days.. my best wishes to everyone who participates ...

That is a lovely poem ..


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