Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Have a Little Faith

How hard it is to have that little faith, which you’ve always had? That silver lining which you are looking for in the sky is a mere symbol you await, even as everything silver and gold is within you. You told me “It’s hard to carry on Hope. It pains. I don’t wish to let it go”. As you wept mercilessly, the waters drained into streams coloured with the red of prickly anguish. The night was a storm. The windows of the heart creaked loudly for the hinges seemed too weak to hold them. Yet they did their best to hang on.
You opened the book you needed the most. It coaxed you to find what you had and stick like glue to it. You said your money bank was running low and he said      “ Have a Little Faith”. You soaked in his words. I saw you drenched the other day, salt all over your body. Tears had formed their impressions all over your skin. These little drops carry weight of lifetimes. As you let them go, it’s like freeing them from the prison of both eyes and memories. Who said memories are untouchable? If that was so, why do they come with thorns?

It’s been a while since rituals of my religion made their importance felt. We believe in God, yet praying takes a backseat. In the times of today, prayer has become nothing but an obligation. 
To God? Really? 
It has taken a definition of a bribe or maybe sympathy? When in Pain, dial God’s number. If he listens, great; if he doesn’t we tried our best. 

As I walked towards my adulthood, I carried God with me in my heart. I would tell myself these visits to the temple are not needed as I always carried him in my heart. Yet I have found myself visiting the temple in moments when I felt that was the right thing to do. There are voices we all hear, in silence you find them residing. Many have called it “the inner voice”. I haven’t heard it, but have felt it. It has spoken to me in the most profound ways. In meditation, when I would take time from my busy schedules to listen to myself breathe. Faith knows no religion. It never has. It is a belief, in the goodness of humanity. If you lost yours on the way, Mitch Albom offers you a lake full of Faith to carry some buckets from.
If you are looking for a companion in silence, where you can earnestly answer the most painful questions of life and death, grab this little gift by Mitch Albom. Trust you’ll be in good company. You’ll feel loved, cared for and most importantly feel blessed and offer nothing at the end but gratitude.

Stay Blessed



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