Saturday, July 4, 2015

Away We Go: A Movie Review

Once in a while there comes a movie which touches you for its sheer beauty in simplicity. It’s not a conventional and clichéd romantic drama. Its life! A life which shows the many facets of what a personality can be. It depicts how faith and love can attract each other to make the kind of couples that exist in this world. It shows how the happiest people can be troubled and yet try their best to live a fulfilling life. It shows that marriage is not the only reason people can live together. Love and trust are the binding force for every relationship. The movie beautifully portrays how we individuals are tormented by a speedbreaker at different moments in our lives. For instance when Maya ( played by the talented Veronna De Tessant) says “We are such fuck ups, in our thirties and still don’t have anything to sustain” and just then Burt ( played by John Krasinski) brings a big smile on your face as he reassures her, oh so lovingly, that they are not “fuck ups”.
Maya (Verona) who plays Burt’s (John) girlfriend is six months pregnant and the story shows their tryst through life’s many struggles and obstacles, questions that take away our hope, realities that makes us questions our future (for instance when Burt asks Maya “What if something happens to me and I won’t be there to take care of this kid?”) and how we alone have the abilities to trust our potentials to face every odd that life throws at us.
The movie depicts conversations every husband and wife is liable to have. It depicts their struggles, anxieties, dreams and hope as prospective parents. The beauty of Maya’s character is how wonderfully she plays a typical neurotic girl, which most of us women are. To compliment it perfectly we have Burt who admits to “love her even if she goes so fat that he cannot find her vagina” (as she looks at her big baby bump and feels ugly).
What I also loved about this movie is that unlike other romantic comedies where couples are shown kissing, smooching, being desperate to get in bed; this movie goes beyond the physical realm. It portrays how loved Maya can feel as she lays near Burt so close yet not kiss him, as that moment the space between their lips is so mystically sacred so as to be disturbed by a kiss. There are no “I love you’s”, “Honey”, “ Darling”. But what there is to this movie is much more. In times where humans and human relationships are seeing a major low and people consider the other nothing less than a piece of dirt, this movie offers hope, faith and a sheer beauty in the power of love, trust and faith.
I wonder if anybody else could have fit in their shoes. You know what else makes the movie so realistic? The no- makeup look of Maya. She is so simple and beautiful. Just like any other lady you’ll come across. The cinematography at some moments is befitting. There is this one scene where Maya is reminiscing about her childhood days to Burt, as she is sitting on the bench. The camera is all focused onto her and shows that Burt stands near listening to her. That moment you actually feel that a husband is listening intently to his wife. Now, that is what I call magic!
Why are you still sitting here? Go watch the movie! Cherry on the cake, a sound that plays with the titles in the end “Orange Sky” . Aren’t these lyrics just so soulful: In your love my salvation lies…….They melt and ooze out love, love and pure love!
 This movie is a must watch! I give it 5/5!

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