Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sometimes you want to be called by someone else. That someone who has been an acquaintance, whom you met as an acquaintance, but they looked out for you, at you, perhaps upto you for something you were totally unaware of.

Sometimes you having written as many words filled with emotions and thoughts want that someone else to let you know whether you have grown with age or withered with time.

Sometimes you want the whistling of leaves to go a little further ahead and form a swirl only to enwrap you into a warm hug so as to evade the winter breeze that burns till your bones.

Sometimes you yearn to go back home, that home where you have always lived, not because you only miss your room and that room misses your presence but because there are your loved ones whom you miss seeing every single day of your life away from them.

Sometimes you let the tears flow even as they,in their watery texture,speak a million stories of the pain that lies deep inside your heart, that which makes you human, at the same time a sensitive being.

Sometimes you wish an angel to appear from nowhere and save you from all that you are going through only to make life simpler and better.

Sometimes you want a dear friend to hear your sorrow with not a spoken word exchanged and call you just because she was missing you.

Sometimes you wish to scream out loud into the valley and tell Mother Nature how hard life is, even as you cry silent tears in your bed.

Sometimes you wish you are punished for the wrong you did for your conscience has got tired of looking after your ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’.

Sometimes, more than often, all you want is to be wrapped into a hug where everything is taken care of itself.period.

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Beyond said...

sometimes... nice expression

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