Friday, November 22, 2013

A complete noman's land

We don’t watch sad movies to taste salty tears. We don’t watch romances that are subtle to know how intensely that lamp of oil can ignite. We watch sad romantic movies because somewhere we want to know how grave a pain it shall be if we lose our loved ones.

These tears that still are alive in this heart that beats of love, a melancholic music of the violin I heard.
This sadness that aches the soul, speaks of the love that was, has been and that wishes itself to last.

 You see if two people were meant to meet, there was a reason, either to come into each other’s lives, teach them more about life and living or to be and to love the other so passionately that the world would not matter. We would be and not be in that world at the same time. Talking, interacting, smiling to familiar faces and perhaps wanting to be with those who abandoned us, for the sake of love. A noman’s land, not barren by people, yet barren in its own ways. And if at all it would rain in that land, the drops of pain would taste salty. May be tears, though watery have always carried in themselves a weight; that which some felt like wait, and that which others went through in moments of catastrophe or dilemma.

And who believes in past life, they ask. We know not where we were, you and me. We hear stories of many lives. We know not of the life that shall be as our souls shall depart the bodies, the mass which we live in, in all our living days. And so I ask, unaware of the past that was and the future that shall be, damn world! Can we not think of me and thee? ,

The gentleness I see in the feather, is that which is felt in that touch
The tears that burst through heavens, evaporate in moments quick
For the sun that burns the earth, also nourishes her
And they wonder what kind of love is that
For it loves, only to burn………….
And there in the noman’s land
Now exists a world
Where those who love and not care reside
Forever and until eternity…………………

P.S: The above words were inspired after watching the movie ‘Never Let  Me Go’

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