Thursday, December 19, 2013

And Letters has it always been..not the one's from A-Z

Dear Love,
How time flies, right? It’s funny how some people view the intensity of a relationship with the number of years you have spent with your beloved. I ask, what has number of days or months to do with it? Perhaps, they don’t know, and rightly so, of every single hour we would take out from our schedules to simply see each other, talk or share that happiness that enwrapped us when we were together; of the longing of meeting after one month or two weeks even as we stayed in the same city; of the despair that left the heart morose for it could not reach out to the other, when they  needed us the most; of the drive that smothered us alive and burnt us into ashes, even as we breathed our empty breaths, to meet, not to talk, but simply be, in space, in love and in that moment. Perhaps, they also don’t know of the weight of the wait, a phrase which became a usual rhyme, only to fill the heart till the brim, till it rained at the other shore. And what of the words that were exchanged and the letters that were written, they know not how preciously we have edged them like jewels found in this lifetime, till death do us apart. And they know not that no matter how many times the same words are spoken and said to the beloved, every single time, they bring a smile, and soothe this heart, which yearns for more and more and more……….
Words, at times, forget how precious they can be, how truly greatful can someone be as s/he reads them at the other end. I still find myself wondering upon the definition of love or the fact if it’s an emotion at all for it is felt like lungs breathing air, it’s just there!
Today, as this another wonderful year comes to a close, I shall not thank you, knowing that you don’t particularly like it, yet I shall repeat myself, for I know how blessed am I to have befriended you, known you every single day and fallen more in love with, even as we had our share of disagreements. Isn’t it enchanting, how love can teach us to continue to love each other even as the other acts in ways which we would completely detest? Most importantly, I’m blessed to have you for all the optimism you have always showered at this shore, on days, when arid winter winds would break the bones; for being a believer of discussions and talks, and for you simply being that super awesome ‘you’….
For all that and more

Yours Forever

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