Monday, September 10, 2012

Love for the Strings

For old time’s sake
The string rusted with shine
For gold time’s sake
My heart sings divine
The uplifting breeze
The moments filled with grandeur

For old time’s sake,
The strings gets blurred
With moments vivid and hazy
Moments broken, some mended and cured

The reverberation
The everlasting echo
For old time’s sake, I pluck the string,
Like a stream of water
Like those awakening wings
My heart lifts of sadness
Old smiles it brings

For  bronze time’s sake
The melody clings
To the rustic aridness of the pains of life
And then the many strings
Strung together
Like a weave of life
Play a broken tune
To live and to strive

For the sake of colors
For the sake of my eyes
A sun shines bright
In the fields of a land so old
The rays warm the strings
The love reaches my soul
Oh! strings you are life
As much as you are old!

P.S: The constant guitar in Mumford and Sons' songs inspired me to write this. Have always loved acoustic guitar and the aliveness it brings. Ah! Finally found the music I was in search for!

P.P.S: I would like to thank Zeba from Zebra Talk for her wonderful post and sharing the music which immediately uplifted me:)


Kunal said...

I like the sound of Guitar in Mumford and Sons too. Also listen to - 'Lovers Eyes', 'The Cave' and 'Winter Winds' from them.

And I like how a potentially sad subject here (Old time's sake!), is presented here in a uplifting way. The memories of old being enlightened in the present with a new smile on the face, remembering the moments that were once blissful.
Wonder what music can do to us! :)

Bikram said...

I have a couple of acoustic guitars but do i know how ot play them .. NOoooooooooooooo , jsut cant get my head around ..

lovely poem ..


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