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Greatful for…..

Surprises: This week as much as I was surprised by a sudden low, I was amazed at how that very low a day before brought a sense of beatitude within. It  was like regaining my lost spirit.
My family: Strong, funny, loving and caring as ever. I love the moments when all of us sit together and share our life stories and discuss, smile and laugh over events. It makes for a perfect frame.
My best friends : Even as many days pass by without me acknowledging their value, I truly know that this heart of mine wishes the best for them in every passing second of the day. I value them and I only hope these friendships last for a life time to come.
Maths: I’m back to doing school maths again coz I’m preparing for an exam. Maths gifts you these lil moments of delight when you get the answers right! And sure, it only makes you work harder when you get them wrong:P
Love: This love of mine has been a strong support, been there through thick and thin, always attempting to send a few smiles my way when the heart was feeling blue. J Ah….the knowledge that love shall make things bearable sounds soothing.
My Inner Voice: Off late I have begun to talk to myself when the moments around seem nothing but bleak. It feels good to know that the fire within is still alive ready to charge my down spirits. Yes, I love myself, Do you?

Legendary is the love that withstands rejection. It will be free of anger and ego.
Legendary is the commitment that withstands humiliation. It will be one- pointed and will reach the goal.
Legendary is the wisdom that withstands turbulence. It will be integrated into life.
Legendary is the faith that withstands a million chances of doubt. It will bring perfection- siddhis.
Legendary are the events that withstand time. They will become morals for the millions
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Pictures that brought a smile at my end:)    I love fab party ideas. So here are some:) 

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Bikram said...

all the best for ur match exam :)

and its always good to be grateful always ..


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