Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcoming Autumn

Picture taken from : Here

This Autumn is not
As arid as we call it
The whiff of cold air

Makes me feel loved, as
The leaves too regale at this
Change of days and night

And here in this land
Barren for a while, a ray
 Of hope shines and smiles

The waters far there
Were muddy when I went; in
Time I think my Dear

It will clear like the
Ring of a beloved bell
Kindle my waiting heart

Kindle my wings to
Rise; smile and work I believe
Shall make worth a flight!

Can't get enough of Pinterest: Sharing some delights:

The above two pictures and the like can be seen here



Bikram said...

Loved the quotes on the pictures ..

Now the poem is radiant as the autumn itself .. :)


Aakriti said...

Bikram: And I had to offer my gratitude to an avid reader that is you:)Thank you so much for always taking out tie and coming by, even in times when I felt I have lost on readers.
And yes, Pininterest gets you pinned;) A fab site to explore

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