Friday, August 31, 2012

Greatful for A platter full of taste

This week I’m greatful for a plenty of things that happened in this Amazing August!

Greatful for Love..
From the emotion, to the expression
From learning to feeling,
From reading to talking,
Love sure is all that we have read…..and so much more.
A bounty full of joy expressed,
It gives smiles to whom you serveJ

Greatful for Pain….
And I’ll say it with Gibran
“Much of your pain is self chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.”~ Kahlil Gibran

Greatful for…Soothing Self
I realised today that at the end of the day, no one but you your ‘self’ alone have the capacity to rise above the shambles that you think your life has offered to you. A friend, a well wisher may show you how wonderful and diligent a person, a worker you are, but no thing works until your inner voice drives to shut the loud self deprecating voices and dance joyously to the achievements you have had in the past. The past smiles have their rewards to offer and say : I’ll come to you when the moment is right, and alone you deserve all the praise!:)

Dear Life,
My tryst with you is that of a life time, so well as well as you have understood me, I’m not far behind!
I’ll go above, go under or go through, but one thing I swear I’ll never do….and that is I’ll Never Give Up!!

Greatful for friendship
It is said we realise the value of something often when we lose it and so goes for a precious friend. I’m so glad I have her, my best well wisher from school time. Way too precious, way too great!:)
Have a blessed Weekend and a Superb September!;)

Linking up with Maxabella who always has many things to be grateful for:)


Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Wonderful grateful list! Such beautiful insight x

Bikram said...

One should always be grateful and good people are that way ..

you are a good person ..


Deeba PAB said...

How sweet this is! Being grateful is the very least we can be ... and it's amazing how often people forget!

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