Monday, August 20, 2012


To confide is not to share words
It is to entrust your fears into me
Like a  sand drop embraced in a shell
Confiding its being to become a pearl.

To  confide is to make me feel responsible enough
For the faith you have in me
In moments so shaky
When I forget my strengths
Your confid(e)nce in me speaks
In silence so deadening
A spark invisible is seen.

To confide is to preserve
Shared secrets in a treasure box
Where your weak tears nourish my soul
Awakening the energy to hold
Both you and me together
In a bond truly felt
Belittled by the most florid of words.

To confide is to give me your strengths
To endow me with your lost smiles
To replenish my unknown powers
Only so that.......
I hold you in my arms
A baby to be soothed to sleep
Hush sweet heart hush my dear
Your dreams I warmly keep
Tomorrow when the sun shall rise
See my darling in my eyes
The first sight of ours
Shall gift you back your energies!


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